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About Us

O Risen Singapore Pte Ltd deals with copier sales & maintenance of both new and refurbished copier machine in Singapore.

We are a team of vibrant youth whom not only active in reaching out to our customer on hardware product, but also offer innovative print solutions to our client in reducing their monthly printing running cost.

We are also an advocate for recycling product. By introducing a refurbished copier set to our client with the assurance of service maintenance, we reduce our client ‘s expenses on copier machine and give them similar printing rate and maintenance support just like a new machine. Furthermore, a green print product is eco-friendly and beneficial to our mother earth.

By recycling, we reduce the environmental impact associated with the production of plastic. The production of plastic require a high amount of energy, and it is generated using depleting resources like fossil fuel. Plastic is nonbiodegradable and takes hundred or even thousand years to decompose. And when it break down, it releases toxic substances that affect the nature. Our collective efforts and kind decisions can make this world a better place for us and the generation beyond.


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