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If you require doing heavy printing for your event, business show or party for a few months or even weeks, but worry about the cost of acquiring a photocopier machine, look no further.


  • copier rental


Rental start from $80 per mth

Rent Mono Mutli Functional Canon Copier 30 ppm and above starting from $80 per mth

Rent Color Mutli Functional Canon Copier 30 ppm and above starting from $90 per mth

Rent Mono Mutli Functional Fuji Xerox Copier 30 ppm and above starting from $75 per mth

Rent Mono Mutli Functional Fuji Xerox Copier 30 ppm and above starting from $95 per mth


Includes : All rent machine c/w 5-year service warranty, cover all spare & consumer parts.


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Things to know about copier rental

For most case, the majority of the small business are more inclined to buy printers from stores such as Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Dick Smith, Harris Technology or others. Generally, these stores provide printers with low print capacity. However, if your printing is heavy, getting a copier machine might be more suitable for you. Unfortunately, unlike a printer,  photocopier machine require more technical knowledge and not many sales representative we come to know are able to offer us the right piece of advice.

There are many things to consider when buying a copier, and one of the most important question you will need to ask yourself is how long are you planning to own a copier? However, if you can’t make up your mind, renting a copier for a start might be the way to go.

Why is renting a copier beneficial?

Though you may find an overall outlay of copier rental bit higher than a straightforward copier purchase, there are still solid reasons to go for this option as a means of finance for your office equipment.

  • Capital

It makes more sense to utilize capital for expanding a business or buying high-profile assets. Renting for office equipment and technology helps to preserve your precious resources for more important business opportunities. In addition, it also helps you optimizing the use of your commercial credit resources.

  • Tax Efficiency

Renting is a tax efficient and well-recognized form of finance that also reduces your business’s tax bills overall since the cost is subject to deduction as an expense decreasing the net cost of renting the equipment.

  • Technology Upgrade

Renting a copier also enables easy and less expensive trade-up access to the latest technology simultaneously. Office technology seems to evolve and improve rapidly, and renting copiers is a more feasible alternative when you are upgrading office equipment and devices. Copier machine obsolete so quickly that it don’t make sense to keep your current copier when you can rent a newer copier & enjoy the latest feature with the same running cost.

  • Alternative to leasing

Unlike leasing, you can negotiate a shorter rent term with your supplier at an affordable cost & not tie down with a loan for a period of 3 to 5 years.

For inquiries regarding copiers rental and available models, please contact our sales representative for a free consultancy. O Risen provides a flexible term for both long and short term copier rental. We aim to provide an affordable rate to the business owner with copier rental start as low as $60 per month. All photocopier come with a standard feature with copy, print, scan and fax. Professional training and set up will also be included.

If however, you are unfamiliar with what brand and type of copier you should rent for your operation, our experience phone operator will advise you the machine best fit for your industry, monthly print’s volume & budget. We are confident that after you had been using a rent copier, you may not want to go for purchase or lease anymore.

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