Month May 2016

Month May 2016

3 things you need to know before getting a copier machine

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What's your print volume?

It is not exaggerating to say that printing volume is one of the most important factors when come to considering which type of photocopy machine is right for your business.

Unlike printer, copier machine is build to handle mass printing. However, each copier machine
is designed and cater for different print capacity. If you have a high print demand that exceeds your copier print capacity, it is inevitable that your copier will break down often & slow down your company’s workflow.

And even though getting a high print capacity copier will settle the problem, however, not knowing your print capacity will cause you fork out more cash than you could otherwise save.


Do you require colour?

For most of us, it may seem convenience to get a color copier than just a mono one. But the real question we need asking ourselves is how often do we need color print.

As you already know, color copier is 20 to 30 percent more expensive than a mono copier. It is sometimes more cost effective to get a color printer together with a mono copier when you are uncertain about your color print.


how long do you plan to own the machine?

As buying a copier is a high investment for most small businesses, some company could spend days or even weeks to shop for the right copier.

Knowing how long you plan to own a copier help you get to your goal faster. For instance, if you can only forsee your print operation for a year, taking a copier with short-term commitment is a wiser option than to go for either a purchased or leased copier.
On the other hand, if you are planning for long term ownership, getting a copier with long service maintenance support should be your priority.


How much do you spend on printing ?

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For most cases, if your photocopy machine is under service maintenance warranty, it will be covered with full maintenance until the end of warranty period. The subsequent expenses you incurred then is from your printing usage.

While the cost of a copier machine is the most important factor before committing a sale, the cost of each print is also as important, but often time overlooked. Industry such as auditor firm that is heavily dependent on hard copy printing could spend few hundred bucks each month just on printing alone.

Here are some ways you can save on your print

a) Study what is your print volume per month and negotiate a fair deal with your vendor before committing on a new copier machine.

b) Understand the type of service level agreement offer by your supplier. Is your cost per print vary depend on a certain condition or is it a flat rate.

c) Manage your print by using print management software solutions to track, monitor and control print usage across different users or departments.

Print management software solution is by far one of the most effective ways to cut down and control your company print usage. Company with a sizable headcount with different department can see a significant saving on their overall printing even in the first month when the solutions implemented.