Month February 2017

Month February 2017

Canon Imagerunner Advance C 55 series

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If you are looking for a new copier machine for your office, you may want to take a look at the new Canon IR ADV 55 series.

The Image Runner C 55 series is the successor of the previous 52 series advance model and this time, it is hitting the ground strong with a bunch of convenient features for the end user!

Firstly, the LCD screen is now not only bigger at 10 inches but also has a smoother and an adjustable tilting display.
The Users now can make the adjustment in one smooth motion instead of to pull in and out like its predecessor. The LCD screen has a tablet-like interface so users can now swipe left, right, up and down and even drag and drop just like using a tablet.

The document feeder now includes a LED indicator that flashes to remind users once the job is done, giving a helping hand to the users with heavy usages. It also comes with a standard single-pass automatic document feeder which saves you tons of time especially when scanning A4 papers on both sides.

The multi-purpose tray has now an automatic side detection sensor, eliminating the need to register for paper sizes when being placed in a tray. In addition, when the paper runs out,  simply reload the paper and click the “ok” button to restart printing.

Finally, the Image Runner 55 series also include a motion sensor that could detect the approaching user and recovers from the sleep mode. Likewise, it has the ability to detect the user when he or she has finished using the device, after which it would switch off accordingly.

For more information on Canon IR ADV C55 series, be sure to click on the video below!




Buying or Leasing expensive copier

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Cost of owning or leasing a copier

As far as administrative works are concerned in an office environment, printing has always been part of the day to day operation.

However, just like owning a car, copier machine is considered a liability and is every company’s running costs. It can add up to a hefty sum if there is no proper printing management system.

Besides the daily expenses of printing, getting a photocopier machine is another huge investment that most companies have to take into consideration. The cost of owning a  copier machine could easily start from $8,000 and beyond depending on the print’s output capacity. It is a luxury to buy one, especially for those small start-up company. Therefore, if you are considering getting a photocopier machine for your business, it is easier to take on a leasing plan than to fork out the whole sum. It is important to pay attention at the interest rate and see if it work for you in the long run.

Going for Copier Rental

Another solution for printing is to rent a copier from a photocopier service center. In contrast with the lease agreement, the copier rental has a shorter commitment period, usually less than 3 years. You can negotiate with the service provider for shorter rental term & they do not charge you interest for renting their copier machine!

Meanwhile, the drawback for renting a copier is that most service supplier only offers a used copier instead of new. However, in my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This is because not only it is cheaper to rent a copier, but also it usually comes with a service level agreement that is no different from purchasing or leasing a copier machine.

Compare to a new copier, a used copier may, however, be more prone to wear and tear. But on the other hand, since it is cover under warranty, there is not much to worry about it.

One useful tip to keep in mind when sourcing for a rental copier. Look for a copier with a higher print capacity. It would certainly be more durable and less prone to break down.