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Which is the Best Fuji Xerox Machine for Copier Rental

Fuji Xerox photocopy machines have been improving efficiency in offices all over the world for more than half a century. Today the company manufactures a wide range of digital devices that not only photocopy documents, but also scan and print, and enable businesses to produce their own brochures,[…]

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copier leasing advantageous over buying?

Leasing a photocopier machine is one of the finest ways to get rid of the initial capital that would have been spent for complete purchase. No doubt leasing or taking copier rental is a cost-effective way of enjoying the best technology. Explained below are some of the prominent advantages of[…]

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Fuji Xerox Manufactures – The World’s Best Photocopiers

The World’s Best Photocopiers Success doesn’t happen by accident. So when the hugely successful Japanese photographic Fujifilm company and multi-billion US Rank Xerox corporation formed a partnership in 1962, it was a given that they would do well together. It was just that nobody envisaged just how great[…]

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Saving with document management system?

Did you know by adopting Document Management solution in your business, most companies can reduce about 40 percent of their paper and printing expenditure? The businesses in the United States, for instance, are facing wastage of $8 billion every year on paper. On average, businesses incur the cost[…]

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