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REVIEW: High Demanding Konica Minolta KIP 9900

¬†The KIP 9900 copier is engineered to set new standards for high-level and breakthrough-quality printing of technical documents. This system utilizes its razor sharp line detail, superior half tones, and smooth gradients, resulting in reduced operation and copier ownership costs. KIP 9900 System productivity is estimated to be[…]

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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Copier For Your Business

Have you ever purchased a used and refurbished car? If you say yes, then you better understand how cost-effective buying a refurbished copier can be. Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, buying or leasing a fully-functioning commercial photocopier is crucial for successful document management.[…]

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Data Security on Copier: Protecting Sensitive Data on Photocopy Machines

¬†Nearly every digital copier machine, manufactured after 2002, features hard drives like the one in your PCs that store an impression of each document scanned, copied or emailed by the machine. Frankly, this drive makes your copier a multi-functioning peripheral and speeds it up. However, in 2010, CBS[…]

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