Month June 2017

Month June 2017

REVIEW: High Demanding Konica Minolta KIP 9900

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 The KIP 9900 copier is engineered to set new standards for high-level and breakthrough-quality printing of technical documents. This system utilizes its razor sharp line detail, superior half tones, and smooth gradients, resulting in reduced operation and copier ownership costs.

KIP 9900 System productivity is estimated to be 7,920 square feet or 1,320 “D” size prints per hour. These systems employ a super-advanced imaging technology to address demanding print runs and hard delivery times, while maintaining exceptional printing quality, regardless of digital imaging environment.

Mono/Color Production Systems

KPI 9900 production systems feature KUP 2300 scanner and a range of professional grade software, features, and high-end image editing tools that assure consistent results. It can reproduce complex graphics and photos accurately and effortlessly.

It’s designed with durable and high-quality construction material for long term reliability with consistent copy and most-demanding scan quality in mono and color imaging production environment.

Space Saving Multifunction System

Kip 9900 Print copy and scan systems work at unbelievable speed with true 600 dpi optical resolution. Configured with the KIP 600A scanner, the system automatically senses the dimensions of the original documents and adjusts settings during the scanning to maximum quality.

You can scan documents containing lines, renderings, texts, aerials photos, and more, easily in various formats like Design Web Format (DWF) and PDF files.

Large Scale Printing

This machine allows you to print up to 36-inches wide. Depending on the type of media you are using, it can print on it, though paper like material is recommended for the best results. For wide format printers, you can use a toner that you use in an ordinary copy machine.

Moreover, you can install four material rolls at a time, that’s one of the biggest features of KIP 9900 copier. It is why this system is widely preferred for longer printing jobs and when you don’t want to spend much time on refilling the machine.


Easy Administration

It features a wide array of sophisticated queue management tools to meet demanding network and data security your need for your sensitive information on the copier.

Touch Screen Controls

The integrated touch screen control panel provides an instant copy, scan, and print operation at your fingertips. No need for additional PC hardware to print from removable media! You can handle it directly from the touch screen interface.

Unified Accounting System

All applications are linked to an integrated system designed to record total use of all functions. A customized reporting is of system usage is delivered via e-mail on demand or at designated intervals.

Information Center

The KIP 9900 system comes with inbuilt information that displays the contact information of authorized service provider, to help you during service calls and system upgrades.

System Upgrades

The system can be easily upgraded for improved features, given that it has network connectivity.

System Guides

An illustrated step-by-step guide for operations like toner replacement, scan-to-file function, and when you need to upgrade the copier, etc. is automatically displayed whenever required.

Environment Friendliness

Konica Minolta KIP 9900 system is designed with environment-friendly features like energy efficiency, emission reduction, and recyclable components. The company is committed to delivering outstanding copier features at an affordable cost. Also, the material used for overall packaging is recyclable and is light in weight and size to minimize transportation fuel impact.

Overall, the machine offers an ultimate assortment of features to help you achieve quality results for your print management job. Make sure you buy a genuine product from a reliable copier machine supplier in Singapore.




Benefits of Buying Refurbished Copier For Your Business

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Have you ever purchased a used and refurbished car? If you say yes, then you better understand how cost-effective buying a refurbished copier can be.

Whether you own a small business or a large corporation, buying or leasing a fully-functioning commercial photocopier is crucial for successful document management. Without it, you’ll end up paying the huge cost to copy your documents to an offsite location, or worse, utilizing your desktop printer until it breaks down from overuse.

What is Refurbished Photocopier?

As the name suggests, a refurbished copier machine is a photocopier that is completely serviced, improved and revamped for further use. The machine is intensely inspected by a professional, and all damaged parts are replaced. Any reputed dealer of refurbished photocopier will inform you about each replacement and what’s covered by the warranty policy.

Benefits of Refurbished Copier

Take a look at the following advantages of buying a refurbished photocopier:

Money Saving

Refurbished copiers are always the most economical solutions over purchasing a brand new model. These are cheaper only because of their secondhand nature. Having renovated and services machines available for longer in the market means more ink and toner cartridge stock available as compared to newer models.  It means you can easily buy required stock in bulk and can save even more capital.

To avoid hidden costs, like maintenance agreement, make sure you evaluate and look at the total cost of copier ownership.

Guaranteed Functionality

Use commercial copiers that are always tested by professionals and looked over by the previous owners for its functionality. These sorts of equipment are always guaranteed to provide the highest level ability to function properly.

New is good, but these are not guaranteed to be free from defects and malfunctioning.

Defect Free

If you buy refurbished copier from a reputed and certified photocopier seller in Singapore, then all of the defects have been fixed before listing the product for sale. Some of the common defects are cosmetic damage like dents, and dings, as well as minute mechanical or electrical problems.

All of the issues are taken care of in advance. Remember, refurbished and used refer to different conditions of an item. Used items are non-services and non-renovated, whereas refurbished copier are always serviced and renovated to look and function like a brand new copier machine.


Choosing a refurbished copiers a surefire way to a successful document and print management without harming the environment. It is because it avoids an increase in landfill waste as a scrap of the old copier is not sent to garbage, and it recycled for further use.

Electronic components are made of plastic, metal and other non-biodegradable items; they don’t break off easily and organically. So buying a previously used and renovated copier is your pick if you are concerned about the environment as well. It also saves on photocopier production resources and time.

Find a good dealer to get access to a reliable refurbished photocopier. It will back your machine up with a profitable warranty and service agreement.




Data Security on Copier: Protecting Sensitive Data on Photocopy Machines

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 Nearly every digital copier machine, manufactured after 2002, features hard drives like the one in your PCs that store an impression of each document scanned, copied or emailed by the machine. Frankly, this drive makes your copier a multi-functioning peripheral and speeds it up. However, in 2010, CBS News released a video that outraged the document management industry. The video revealed that these hard drives in MFPs (multi-functional printers) are removable and accessible long after the copier rental period were up.

Considering it, we can say this essential office staple that we almost take for granted is a time-bomb packed with extremely sensitive and highly personal data related to our businesses. It is where security concerns arise.

So, offices, especially governmental agencies, want a unit that has a feature to erase or encrypt internal data on these hard drives. If you also relate to this, let us guide you how to maintain a secure copier and ensure you’re protected from data comprising issues.

Tips for Data Security on Copier Machine

Monitor Use

Monitor your machine’s usage to discourage misuse of sensitive information. Make regular audits to verify user activities and transactions performed by the machine.

Authenticate Users

You can get technical access controls of your machine using a username/password combination.  Share login credentials with credible employees who won’t share the information with anyone in or out of the office.

Also, turn on the auto logoff feature so that the users don’t pass unofficial access by remaining logged in your document management system after use.

Hard Drive Encryption

Encryption encodes the scanned images of data processed on your copier as they are written on the hard drives. Though none of the encryption software has been proven to be 100% unbreakable, you can take it as the first step toward the security of your hard drive against malicious access.

Password-Protected Hard Drives

Another method to protect your sensitive data on copier machine hard drives is to protect the drives with passwords. Though this security method is also not foolproof, it is sufficient to rudimentary data thieves who are not involved in the high-level theft of extremely sensitive corporate data.

Consider Systems with Volatile RAM Storage

Systems with volatile RAM storage don’t need to write processed data to a hard drive. With copier featuring volatile RAM, you benefit from the volatile nature of the storage system. As you turn off the printer, all the information related to previous copy jobs is usually erased automatically.

Non-Standard File Systems for Minimal Protection

Most copiers also use proprietary file systems. Using these non-standard storage mediums, unauthorized parties can’t connect the hard drive to a PC and read your data. However, it doesn’t protect your valuable data from software designed to penetrate basic information defenses.

Overall, proprietary file systems allow very minimal protection, but you can use them for printing jobs of less or zero importance.

Secure Erase

These systems allow zero-level formatting, which blanks out the current data by overwriting the existing data on the hard drive and finally, re-erasing it. It’s recommended to choose a system that allows auto-overwriting after a certain number of photocopy machine uses.

Many machines feature a schedule function that performs deletion when the machine is not in use, or on a weekly basis.  It’s the best way to burden yourself off as you don’t need to initiate a manual erase. Make sure you run this feature at least once a month.

Make sure you’re your data is completely secure when the copier rental period is over. In this case, running overwrites twice is a good idea. And, if you don’t want to leave any loophole, just remove the hard drive and destroy it physically.


A Guide To Choose The Best Copier For Your Office Space

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Many think that choosing copiers machine for your office does not need much thought and planning but it is actually crucial for you to consider a few things before you make your purchase in order to reach maximum efficiency with low costs. To make sure that your copier will work best for your office, here are a few things to keep in mind.


  1. Number of Employees

It is very important to assess the number of employees, or rather, the number of employees who will make use of the copier before choosing a copier. For smaller businesses, a simple desktop printer can work wonders but if the same printer is used in bigger companies where numerous employees use the copier everyday, it can be extremely inefficient. Therefore, you must estimate the number of employees before making a decision. Then, you can choose your copier on the basis of the overall load of your office. This will eliminate cost redundancies for smaller companies and inefficiency in larger ones.


  1. Functional Requirements

Each company has different uses for the copier. If your company simply requires a scanner or a printer, it would be best for you to purchase simpler models. However, if your office space requires a range of functions from its copier, you might want to invest in a higher-grade multifunction copier that can scan, print, fax and anything else you might need to do. This will help you avoid investing in things that you don’t need and help you find a device that is perfectly suited to carry out only the functions you require.


  1. Mobile Printing Requirements

With the business world becoming more fast-paced day by day, there may be a necessity for your office to adapt to these changes. Technological advancements are growing in a similar pace and now you have the option to choose mobile services for your copier. If you think that your office requires the flexibility of mobile printing services, you should invest in devices that are enabled with cloud printing technology such as Google’s Cloud Print or Apple Airprint. Having a copier that can provide you with access from anywhere can help you reach maximum efficiency for your office.


  1. Tracking Usage

Copiers now come with software that is designed to help you track usage. This means that you will be able to monitor usage, supply levels and order and service histories for your device. Tracking usage will help you in minimizing costs and boosting your device’s performance. While this may not seem like a primary feature, it will definitely help you identify problems as they happen and reduce costs, as well as streamline the workflow.


With all these things in mind, buying the best copier for your office space should be a breeze!