Month July 2017

Month July 2017

4 Reasons Why Renting a Copier is Better For Your Office

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Having a copier in an office is definitely a big help in increasing productivity. That’s because copiers provide a freedom to reproduce important documents in great numbers. Normally, a lot of ink would be wasted if these documents came out of a printer. But with a copier in your arsenal, reproducing documents is easier, faster, and more efficient. Although a copier presents a lot of benefits for a company, its high price makes entrepreneurs think twice if this will be a good investment of their money. If you are having these thoughts, renting a copier might be a better alternative to buying one. Here are some great reasons to convince you why copier rental might be right for you.


You Won’t Use It That Much

If you’re going to spend a lot of money for one item, make sure you make the most out of it. In this case, if you’re going to buy a copier, you have to ensure your office will use the machine to the fullest. Otherwise, it’s going to be a big waste of money as it sits in one area to gather dust. Plus, you’re going to spend more too to maintain a copier that you only use 20 percent of the time. To prevent that scenario from happening, why not rent copiers from the professionals? It’ll save you a lot of money, time, and effort.


Volume Unpredictability

Let’s say your office needs a large volume of documents to be reproduced for a client right away. Buying a copier will surely solve that predicament but it comes with a high price tag. Renting a copier allows you to get these large volume of copied documents at a fraction of the cost. Who knows? After accomplishing the said goal, it might be a long time before you get to copy a large amount of documents again and the money spent on a new copier would just go to waste. Client demand is never an exact science and renting provides a safe option to get the job done.


You Get To Save Money

A company won’t last very long if its owners don’t learn how to save and spend money wisely. If you think a new copier would definitely be a big addition to your office’s production, then get one by all means. But if money is an issue and your copier needs can be easily solved, rental would surely be a big boon to you financially. You can use the additional savings for other investments that will net a certain return to you in the shortest time possible. Remember, the more money you save, the more chances you have to make your company grow bigger.


Better Trade Credit Reputation

A new company always has a hard time in establishing business relations with other entrepreneurs. When you choose to rent a copier for your business operations, you get the chance to establish your credit reputation with other companies. As a result, they will learn that your company is trust-worthy and they will be more eager to work with you in the future. This reason opens up a lot of other working possibilities that can prove beneficial for your office.


How to Reduce Your Printing Costs?

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It’s common to take the cost for granted when printing papers, both at home and at the office. People rarely think about the cost of ink and paper used in the process, and keep on using it rigorously. This thoughtless use of printers not only results in increased printing cost but also effects our environment due to the exhaustive use of resources. This is why you should consider the ways to reduce your printing costs.

How much do you spend on printing? Are you thinking the same these days and trying to find the ways to economize your printing cost without compromising the quality, here’re the top money-saving tips for you.


How To Save On Printing Costs?


Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet

This is especially useful when you have to print PDFs, PowerPoint Presentations and MS Word documents. Open the printing dialog box and choose the option to print “Multiple pages on one sheet”. Check if you print driver allows you manually set the number of pages you want to print on a single page.

Use Print Preview

To avoid printing unnecessary pages at the end of the document, use the Print Preview option. It will also help you prevent wastage of valuable printer ink. Checking into print preview will help to identify inefficient gaps, missing page breaks, and excessive spaces. Modify the document to use every page to the fullest.

Reduce Font Size

Reducing the font size will obviously save paper and ink your copier machine consumes. Switching form a 12-point to ten-point makes a surprising difference without trading off the readability. Type of font also makes a consideration here.

A Which Survey revealed that Times New Roman is the most economical font, which reduces ink consumption by 44% as compared to the ink used to print using the font Verdana. Century Gothic also uses less ink, but its wide letters mean more paper. Overall, Times New Roman makes the best choice for economical printing.

Print Duplex

One of the easiest cost-cutting initiatives for office printing is to print on both sides of the pages. Make sure to enable your default printing setting to two-sided printing to save money and paper use.

Draft Output

You can save ink by printing draft copies of the documents for editing work. In the Draft Output mode, formatting, graphics and other features are ignored while printing. This feature is useful for proofreading your content for spelling, grammar and sentence structure in a hard copy.

Follow these steps to enable draft output:

  • Go to the print dialog box and click “Options”.
  • Check “Draft Output”
  • Click “OK”

The steps may vary depending on the version of Microsoft Office you’re using.

Use Green Printing Technology

There are software that highlight and remove unnecessary pages in the document. It does so by analyzing each page for typical waste characteristics, like last page containing just a URL, legal jargon, logo, etc. You can download and use these software from the web if you are using multifunctional copiers.

Bonus Tip

Employers at office and children at home always underestimate the resources. Therefore, one of the best ways to reduce your printing cost is to educate your staff and children about benefits of using the printer unthinkably.