Month August 2017

Month August 2017

How To Recycle Empty And Use Ink Cartridges?

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If you are reading this post, we appreciate you for being conscious about the environment. This article throws light on all possible and easy ways to recycle your empty and used cartridges while reducing your carbon footprint.


Photocopier machines are must equipment for offices all over the time. Every office is equipped with at least one copier to manage their document systems. Taking these facts into account, millions of empty toners and inkjet cartridges are disposed of every day. It contributes to the earth’s landfill and soil pollution.

If you think in favor of the environment and want to get rid of these useless cartridges, you have many other alternatives. And, the best, easiest and most profitable option is recycling used and empty cartridges of your copier.

You can recycle most of the cartridges up to six times. These are then refurbished, refilled and resold at a lower cost than the branded one. Don’t worry about the quality! Recycled toners and cartridges come with the same quality and offer output equal to the new one.


Ways to Recycle Empty Cartridges

If you have decided to be wise towards the environment and want to recycle ink cartridges, you have multiple options as given below:


Recycle Cartridge Locally

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  • The first option is to make a call to a local store that deals in office supplies and photocopier sales. If your printer or ink cartridge supplier facilitates a policy for returning and recycling empty cartridges, simply call them. If not, call a local supplier and fix the deal. Most of the office supplies stores recycle used cartridges. It’s the easiest way to return it locally.
  • Major retailers run reward programs to encourage customers to return empty cartridges. In exchange, they will give you some cash, store credit or reward points for the future purchase. A few stores also offer a discount on the next cartridge purchase. Don’t forget to collect all details upfront to check limitations on time frame for returning the used product. Also check if they have any specific requirement, like accepting used cartridges only from certain brands or not taking previously recycles products.
  • If you have any local recycling center, call them ahead of the time and check out their recycling policy on their website. It’s another quick and convenient way to recycle used toner cartridges. See their policy to check if the product has to be properly packaged prior to recycling.


Recycling for Cash

  • There are thousands of websites that accept used cartridges for recycling for repurposing. This way, you not only help environment stay safe but also make easy money. Most of these sites have their own price structure. If the price seems satisfactory, send them an email with pictures and details of your product. If the buyer is interested in your cartridge, he or she will get back to you with guidelines send the product at their address.
  • Auction off the cartridge on eBay, if you like. Check the demand on a particular day to get the good price via auction sites. Simply, create your eBay account and advertise your products. Don’t forget to mention all information, such as model number, manufacturer, whether the cartridge is black, color or combined, etc. Also, post pictures to demonstrate that your product meets the expected quality standards. If the product has never been recycled earlier, you can get a good price for it.


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Charity Donation

  • Are you interested in donating? Then you can donate empty cartridges to organizations that send the money made from the donation to schools and non-profits organizations.
  • You can think to donate it to local charities in your area. Just check if there are recycling drives in your area and if a particular charity organization accepts recyclable ink cartridges and toners.

Read the most common copier problems that you should know.

It’s a rapid way to guarantee your products are being recycled for helping a good cause. If a charity is running a recycling drive, you can easily spot donations boxes looking for recyclables. Keep in mind; charity boxes should explicitly state they accept empty cartridges before placing your product in it.


Reducing Waste

  • Another lucrative option is to reuse your empty cartridge for recycling purpose. Most office supplies retailers offer services to refill old cartridges at a nominal cost. It’s comparatively much cheaper than investing in a brand new product while allowing you cut back on your carbon footprint.
  • Develop environment-friendly habits of using less paper and ink on a regular basis. It not only cuts back on waste but also results in increasing the lifespan on your toner cartridge. If possible, read the maximum of your documents on screen. Also, choose to fill out forms online, if the option is available. Think electronic tickets and pull up your itinerary on your cell phone instead or printing it on paper.
  • Check your local outlets if they are selling recycle cartridges and toners. People prefer buying recycles products to reduce electronic waste and also because it offers them the cheapest deal on cartridges.  It’s important to note that recycled cartridges work similarly good as a new product does.

But make sure that you take some precautionary steps when purchasing the same. Read the reviews of the supplier in question. Recycling cartridge takes some work and some companies do it better than others. Don’t forget to thoroughly read the return and warranty policy. Genuine companies always offer returns or warranties upfront.

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See, there are so many ways to recycle a useless empty cartridge without negatively affecting the environment.

There is no doubt that people understand the importance of recycling paper. But the world still not properly motivated to recycle and reuse empty printer cartridges. E-waste spans a bigger portion of environment pollution.

Commercials can contribute towards reducing e-waste by motivating their employees to recycle printer cartridges. Even if it’s a digital page, printing still plays a crucial role in our lives and not going anywhere in future. So, it’s important to stay and raise awareness to minimize the damage to the environment and for recycling the empty toner cartridges.


How to Maintain Your Office Copier Machine?

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Whether you purchase or rent copier equipment, it is an essential tool in your company’s arsenal. When a photocopier is down, the whole work comes to a sudden halt, which is typically not affordable for businesses. It is only time when we seek maintenance services for the jammed machine.


However, this one of the most expensive office equipment needs constant regular maintenance efforts to handle the excessive usage of the copier properly. Talking about the repairing cost, advanced versions of photocopiers cost hundreds of dollars for repairs.


Train your employees to use it

As mentioned above, your office photocopier is one of the big investments for your firm. Technology changes everyday, and so does the method of using technical inventions like a photocopier.

So, to make the most out of your machine in the best possible manner, it’s advisable to train your employees on how to use it up to an optimum level. It will not only educate them but also encourage them to be constantly efficient with the equipment.


Hire A Go-To Person Within The Organization

Choose a trustworthy person with great learning skills from your employees and train him or her, the maximum on your used copier machine. Also, share much of the internal knowledge with him/her.

There is no doubt that service providers could address a multitude of rent copier problems within your company, better having a go-to person within the company makes the technical process extremely efficient and costs your company comparatively less money.


Avoid DIY Fix

You can fix the issue by following machine instructions and user manual. But, there are some issues, like frequent paper jam, for which you have to call a trained and professional service provider who will fix this recurring issues and allow you smooth business operations.

Never put pressure on any component of the copier as it could cause damage to the machine. Also, don’t forget to dust the exterior along with the interior of the machine while working on it. Finally, to clean the top of the ink nozzle, take a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and rub it gently on the nozzle.


Turn Off The Power

Before you start cleaning or maintaining your machine, make sure you keep the power supply to your rent copier turned off. It will protect the device as well as you from unpleasant electrical accidents.


Clear The Hard Drive

Most of the modern photocopiers have an internal hard drive that stores day-to-day information that you process through the machine. Chances are the drive has extremely sensitive information stored in it. So, it’s important to clean up your hard drive regularly to keep it running smoothly and protect your organization from data theft.

When the agreement of your rent copier is about to over, or you are planning to sell your machine, make sure you completely erase or destroy the hard drive to avoid data breaches.


Use Appropriate Products

Each copier of different model and brand may require a specific kind of product. So, make sure you use the best possible type of paper and toner for your machine. Using the highest quality paper for copier will create less dust inside the device. And, less dust means less maintenance needed for your photocopier.

Never keep the copier loaded with the paper as it might accumulate dust and moisture on it. Also, toners are available in a wide range. If you don’t use a toner suggested by the manufacturers, you may end up facing severe damage, which will eventually lead to huge maintenance costs.


Properly Load The Papers

Most people take loading paper leniently. But to avoid your copier machine from jamming, it’s important that you appropriately load sheets. Never load folded, crumbled or wet paper inside the machine, which could result in paper jam or printer failure.


Keep It Covered When Not In Use

Develop a good habit of turning off your rent copier and keep it covered when you are not using it. Ensure that the copier is completely dry before you cover it. With this simplest step, you can keep dust from depositing inside it. Moisture damages certain parts and affects print quality. So, make sure it’s always dry!


Clean The Machine Regularly 

Giving a regular cleanup to your machine will extend its life significantly. Use a lint-free and soft nonabrasive cloth for cleaning the glass. Keep in mind; never use spray cleaner directly on the glass. Instead, spray the cloth and then clean the glass, which will protect it from scratching due to the existence of dust of staple pins. Never do these things with your multi-functioning copier.

On the interior part of the rent copier, use a cloth to wipe out the visible dust. You can also use a small, fine-haired paint brush to clean all interior components of the equipment. Dust the ink cartridge holder, paper trays and other parts that are susceptible to house dust inside.


Replace Air Filters Frequently

The air intake of your device can pull unpleasant dust elements. All air intake panels in copier machines have filters on them. It’s good to put a strip of clean cheesecloth to create a protective layer over the opening part of this filter. Change the air filter frequently to keep the machine free from dust and grime.


 Get Regular Maintenance Check 

In spite of regular maintenance efforts, the copier machine will take a beat at some point in life. After all, it’s working for you 7-8 hours or more for you. Moreover, there are a few components that are inaccessible, and you can’t clean them.

So, to keep your entire device in a good working condition, regular maintenance service checks from a qualified technician or service provider is a must.

It’s important especially when you have a heavy reliance on your equipment and downtimes are critical for your business. Better stay in touch your supplier or service team so that they are available on a single call for any technical glitches.

Last, but not the least! Whether you buy a brand new or rent copier machines, it’s your responsibility to keep it well-maintained and in good working state. Just a little effort could save you from the big investment of repairs and maintenance.



Digital Vs Analogue Copier – Know The Difference Before You Buy

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Though most of the people prefer digital copiers, analog technology is still occupying a wide landscape. So if you are thinking to buy or opt for copier rental, it’s important to educate yourself about the difference between both digital and analog copier. In this post, we will look at what makes analog different from digital machines.

Originally, photocopiers used to be analog, which was the defacto standard until digital copiers came into the limelight to offer surprising features that were not accessible with their analog counterparts.


How Does Analogue Photocopier Work?

The working of analog copiers is based on light that passes through a lens and reflected onto its photosensitive surface. This light beam has a high intensity and thus requires fans to keep the machine working fine and cool during the copying process.

Unfortunately, these fans attract dust and mirror on the printer become coated with a thin film of dust and grime that consequently results in inferior copy quality. Also, analog machines don’t possess a memory and therefore, require a scan for every copy to be printed.

These copiers feature a cylindrical drum that is charged electrostatically by using a high voltage wire. A photoconductive material covers this cylindrical drum that makes it conductive when comes in exposure with the high-intensity light. Much like traditional cameras, this bright light illuminates the document which needs to be copied.

The lighter and whiter portions of the document reflect the light back, whereas the darker areas like images and text don’t do it. The document then projects the light onto the photoconductive material that covers the above mentioned cylindrical drum. Therefore, white blank areas on the document reflect light back onto this drum that results in charging these areas positively.

In analog copiers, the toner itself positively charges, so it is repelled by the positively charged areas of the drum that have received the reflective light.  And toner is also attracted to the drum areas which remain negative charge, or we can say the areas which have received no light.

The whole process results in the impression of pattern existing on the drum which is transferred to the sheet of paper using rollers with the application of pressure and heat.


How Does Digital Photocopier Work?

The process that digital copier machines follow is defined by the fact that it stores a digitized form of scanned document which has to be copied. As soon as this scan is digitized, one can enhance it and remove errors before printing it for professional use.

The printing mechanism used in these machines or the process of transferring toner onto the media resembles that of a laser printer.  The digital photocopier relies on a system of interconnected sensors and mirrors to imprint the intended piece of paper with the image, which attracts the toner to it through an opposing charge.


It’s true that digital machines have replaced the analog one. Though digital copier still reflects light, the light doesn’t need to be of extremely high intensity much like that required in its counterparts. That’s why it doesn’t require fans for cooling the machine, and it also attracts no unwanted foreign objects like dust and debris into the optics.

The light in digital machines is reflected into a unit that is responsible for converting light and dark into binary signals. The copy of scanned document is projected onto the drum with the use of laser or a led array. The hard drive saves the document and allows it to be reused whenever required in the future.


Why People Prefer Digital Over Analogue Copiers?


Copy Once, Print Many 

These modern printers allow scan once and print many times facilities saving users a lot of their efforts and time. Undoubtedly, scanning and storing data on the hard drive can give rise to security risks, manufacturers of copiers have introduced secure data encryption of hard drives to prevent damage or loss of your sensitive data from the machine. So, whether you buy or go for copier rental Singapore services, don’t forget to check data encryption facility in it.


Paperless Office Movement

Since more and more offices are turning to be paper-free, the ability to scan documents, then extract text and file them efficiently is swiftly becoming the norm of owners of digital multi-functioning printers. Many companies are providing document management solutions that allow you to scan quickly, file and sort all your documents whenever required. With these features, helping companies and security regulatory agencies, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort like a pro.


Efficient Networking Facility 

With the use of a digital photocopier machine, it is easy to connect your MFP or copier machine to your network and process it straight to and from your desktop computer. Users can also avail things like FTP, emailing or faxing by connecting their machine to the network within their premises.

The devices used in networking may utilize cloud-based storage and also offer added benefit by allowing off-site storage of documents for future retrieval. These systems make multiple office employees share a single print device without needing to install their own unit that certainly saves consumables, time and money.


You Can Have Multiple User Accounts

Digital multi-functioning printers and devices allow you to secure your office. You can allocate available resources in the better way by using multiple user accounts. Keep in mind that not all products operate in the same manner.

However, the ability remains similar for an account that can allocate and track consumables and resources allowing you to properly bill the job and track the whole inventory meticulously without leaving a single loop hole. In addition to that, you can scan user boxes and perform other activities that are related to users by using cloud or FTP-based storage options.


Final Words

While you may be able to get used analog copiers on the market, but their unfavorable functioning against modern day requirements doesn’t make it a wise investment. So, to meet the modern and demanding official paperwork needs, the digital option certainly is the more flexible and safer bet. You can invest in copier rental option to save huge money, especially when you need it for very short-term.


 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Multi-Functional Copier

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Almost every office has a copier. Having one means you no longer need to print out multiple copies of one document and waiting for the entire process to be finished. Along with the time lost, you’re also going to lose printer ink and precious money at the same time. This handy device allows employees to be more productive in their work and in the documents they’re producing. That’s the reason why utmost care should always be practiced when handling a copier machine. Otherwise, the lifespan of your office’s copier will be drastically reduced. Here are some things you should never do to a copier.


Never use or wear small items near a copier

A copier has so many intricate and sensitive parts inside of it. All of these parts work in unison when they make copies of a document. With just one of them getting damaged, the entire operation of a copier will be severely compromised. That’s why you should never ever hold or wear small items while you are operating a copier.

One good example is your wedding ring. You’ll never know when it might fall off and it’s really bad if it does fall inside a copier. Another example is placing staples or paper clips near certain openings of the copier. Since the copier will vibrate when producing copies, these small things might fall into these openings. Once these things happen, they moving parts inside a copier will grind against the ring and internal damage will occur. Here are other copier problems you might want to know so you can avoid them. Before starting a copier, leave all your jewelries or other small items somewhere safe.


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Forcing the wrong type of toner

Some employees would rather stand by on their own hard-headedness rather than ask for help. The same goes too for a copier’s toner. Once the current toner has ran out, it’s very important to replace it right away. Make sure first that you’re getting the proper toner type. When someone forces an improper toner inside a copier, there’s always the risk of breaking the machine wide open. Forcing the wrong kind will cause damage and having it repaired will really be costly.


Pressing random buttons simultaneously

A copier is a machine that has different controls to it. This is particularly true with an advanced and quality copy machine that is multi-functional. They’re not like any video game where you can push several buttons all at once to get a result. You have to familiarize yourself with these buttons and what their respective purpose is. Otherwise, pressing one or many buttons repeatedly can break a copier’s board. The same thought also applies to copiers with touchscreens but their controls are much more sensitive. In all of this, be careful in operating a copier’s control board.


Never eat or drink near a copier

When a machine is in close proximity with food or drinks, there’s always a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why you should never operate a copier while you are eating a meal or drinking some sort of liquid of any kind. It’s better to be safe because you’ll never know when you might spill some on the copier. Once a copier has been exposed to your drinks or food, these things might go inside and cause trouble for you. When it comes to your office’s copier, safety always comes first.

It’s always the better solution to practice safety when you’re using a copier. If you don’t know the first thing about these machines, it would best if you rent used copier for your office. In this way, you only spend a fraction of the total cost when you rent one.


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4 Common Copier Problems You Should Be Aware About

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Any office employee will testify to the usefulness of a copier. In any case, this clever device has saved a lot of time and effort in reproducing important documents in an instant. Although a copier is heaven-sent for many, it’s also a source of great frustration and stress for some employees in the office. Just like any electronic device or appliance, a copier has the tendency to exhibit one or several problems in its operation. Even though it can really bum you out, don’t worry because knowing these copier problems can help you solve them right away. Here is what you should know about them.

Paper Jamming Inside the Copier

One day in the office, you’ve been tasked to make a lot of document copies. You’re just going about your job when all of a sudden, a piece of paper gets stuck inside the copier. You still have to make a lot of copies and you don’t have the slightest idea on what to do. Well, this problem is a common one. It’s sometimes caused by a wrong size of paper being used for the copier. Don’t fret, though, because all you need to do is get that piece of paper out, use the right kind of paper, and restart the task once again.


Dark or Light Copies

Sometimes, a copier would reproduce copies that are either too dark or too light. As a result, everyone who gets a hold of these copies would dismiss them because they can’t be understood. This irritating problem is caused when the specific controls on density are changed, thus leading to a lighter or darker imbalance. Another cause is the copier’s drum may be nearing the end of its life. Once this happens, you should get a new one as its replacement right away.


Spots Appearing on the Copies

Getting spots on your reproduced documents will really tick you off, especially if it’s a rather important one. This copier problem can place just a little amount of spots that won’t even be noticeable, or it could be very large and numerous. It can reach the point wherein your whole document is now worthless. If you don’t want that to happen to you, we suggest checking on the operation of your copier’s drum. Again, this drum may have been worn out after years of continued use. It would be the best idea to replace it with a new one immediately. This is exactly the opposite of what modern copiers can do with their latest features.


Documents Are Coming Out Wrinkled

If you hand over a wrinkled document to your boss or any other important figure in your company, chances are, you’re going to get a reprimand. Wrinkled documents are a big problem and if your copier is causing them, you better have it fixed. To do that, check the copier’s rollers and see if they’re doing their job well. If they aren’t it means these rollers have been damaged. Get a new set of rollers, replace them, and you’ll have organized documents right after.

All of the copier problems can consume too much time or money to solve. One cost-effective solution to your predicament is to rent copiers from a reputable company. This way, you can be guaranteed with a quality copier at just a fraction of the price. Plus, you can be sure of the copier’s quality as you use it for your office needs.


What does a Modern Copier do and Why is it Important for your Business?

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This may be a very simple question that you have not asked lately because you think you have very limited needs and uses for a photocopier. You may think that this device is just another item in your office that although necessary, does not have any benefit other reproducing files.

Well, you may have not heard about some advanced features of the latest copiers. That’s why you haven’t realized how helpful they can be for your business. Let us give you a preview of some of these wonderful features.


The Basics

Fax. Photocopy. Print. Scan. These may be the first verbs that come into your mind when you think about what a modern photocopier can do. Well, you’re correct, but you’ll be glad to know that these machines have USB slots too. You can simply save the file in your stick and print them or produce multiple copies by connecting your USB to the copier. Now, these are just the basic and common features of advanced copiers these days. Even though these functions may be simple at best, modern copiers can accomplish these tasks at blazing speed without compromising quality.


Wireless Connectivity

Some manufacturers call their latest copiers ‘workplace assistants,’ because they have evolved into machines with Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you email documents, print wherever, and even connect to phone applications! This eliminates a couple of steps and makes the entire process faster and better for your convenience.

Less than a decade ago, who would’ve thought that the copier you feed with papers so it can perform its function can now receive emails and print copies by itself? Yes, you read that right. Advanced copiers, specifically those manufactured by Xerox, can receive files directly through WiFi connection. With this feature, you don’t need to stand up, place the document, and wait for it to be reproduced. With just one press of the button, you’re done in an instant.


Navigation, Quality, Speed

There’s also a tablet that comes with the multi-functional copier through which you can choose the specific files the machine received and print them right away. Some more advanced copiers even have an automated function that allows them to perform repetitive tasks according to the customized program you have set.

Worry not about the quality and the speed because these copiers retain the vibrant and accurate colors of your documents and files. They have a paper capacity of 350-850 sheets at an impressive rate of 30 papers per minute.


Workflow Efficiency

So how can you turn all these features to your advantage? Well, the obvious and greatest benefit of having a multi-functional copier is having a single machine that produces multiple copies, prints clearly, scans, receives and sends fax, and now receive documents digitally. Just imagine not needing to have a physical copy of a document to reproduce it. You can just send files directly to the copier that will print them in a matter of minutes. That will make your office more efficient and flexible.


These copiers are a good investment for companies. But if you’re just a startup business or an entrepreneur who has not set apart a budget for this office equipment, renting this helpful modern copier machine Singapore has from a reputable company that offers customized plans may be the best option for you. We have written about the four reasons why resorting to copier rental is better.