4 Things You Shouldn’t Do to a Multi-Functional Copier

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Almost every office has a copier. Having one means you no longer need to print out multiple copies of one document and waiting for the entire process to be finished. Along with the time lost, you’re also going to lose printer ink and precious money at the same time. This handy device allows employees to be more productive in their work and in the documents they’re producing. That’s the reason why utmost care should always be practiced when handling a copier machine. Otherwise, the lifespan of your office’s copier will be drastically reduced. Here are some things you should never do to a copier.


Never use or wear small items near a copier

A copier has so many intricate and sensitive parts inside of it. All of these parts work in unison when they make copies of a document. With just one of them getting damaged, the entire operation of a copier will be severely compromised. That’s why you should never ever hold or wear small items while you are operating a copier.

One good example is your wedding ring. You’ll never know when it might fall off and it’s really bad if it does fall inside a copier. Another example is placing staples or paper clips near certain openings of the copier. Since the copier will vibrate when producing copies, these small things might fall into these openings. Once these things happen, they moving parts inside a copier will grind against the ring and internal damage will occur. Here are other copier problems you might want to know so you can avoid them. Before starting a copier, leave all your jewelries or other small items somewhere safe.


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Forcing the wrong type of toner

Some employees would rather stand by on their own hard-headedness rather than ask for help. The same goes too for a copier’s toner. Once the current toner has ran out, it’s very important to replace it right away. Make sure first that you’re getting the proper toner type. When someone forces an improper toner inside a copier, there’s always the risk of breaking the machine wide open. Forcing the wrong kind will cause damage and having it repaired will really be costly.


Pressing random buttons simultaneously

A copier is a machine that has different controls to it. This is particularly true with an advanced and quality copy machine that is multi-functional. They’re not like any video game where you can push several buttons all at once to get a result. You have to familiarize yourself with these buttons and what their respective purpose is. Otherwise, pressing one or many buttons repeatedly can break a copier’s board. The same thought also applies to copiers with touchscreens but their controls are much more sensitive. In all of this, be careful in operating a copier’s control board.


Never eat or drink near a copier

When a machine is in close proximity with food or drinks, there’s always a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why you should never operate a copier while you are eating a meal or drinking some sort of liquid of any kind. It’s better to be safe because you’ll never know when you might spill some on the copier. Once a copier has been exposed to your drinks or food, these things might go inside and cause trouble for you. When it comes to your office’s copier, safety always comes first.

It’s always the better solution to practice safety when you’re using a copier. If you don’t know the first thing about these machines, it would best if you rent used copier for your office. In this way, you only spend a fraction of the total cost when you rent one.


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