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February 22, 2022

7 Benefits of Printing for your Business

In a world where digitalization is happening everywhere, from company records to all forms of communication, is there still a place for printers and printed materials in your business? Our answer is a big “Yes.” 

Surely, a printed card that one can touch with their fingers is a hundred times better than a great poem sent via email. The truth is, there are some things that only tangible materials can give, and no digital data can ever compensate.

So if you’re thinking of disposing your Singapore office copiers and printers, read this article first because you might just  miss out on the seven benefits that only printing can do for your business.

Printed promotional items

In doing business, you have to consider all age groups and all approaches to communicate and promote your products. It cannot be denied that there are segments of the market who still prefer printed promotional items such as flyers, tarpaulins, and printed merchandises over online advertisements.

They still love the smell of good old papers, magazines, and manuals, the fact that they can keep them in their shelves, and they can read them without requiring access to their devices.

Printed notices, memos, and announcements

Let’s admit it. There are tons of emails that we send and receive everyday, and it’s impossible to read them all in one day. Therefore, there’s a tendency to miss out on important emails that require our immediate attention.

To avoid this, you can always print the most urgent matters of the day and hand them over to your employees. This way, they can easily read the notice, memo, or announcement without having to go through tons of emails on their inboxes.

Printed texts for office decor

A beautiful quotation that represents your company culture is best displayed in a place where every living soul in your office can see it.

Motivational phrases or humorous quotes are great wall decorations that can create an impact in the workplace. With printers on your side, you can print these decor in one click without having to pay someone to do it for you. You can even change printed text decorations as often as you want if you have multi-functional printers available anytime. 

Originals and copies of important documents

Let’s face it, once an extremely important digital file is deleted without any backup, there’s nothing you can do about it. You may have experienced this frustrating situation, and hopefully you’ve learned a lesson or two on securing your data.

Despite all the digital software and apps out there that guarantee security and backup solutions, nothing compares to the hardcopies of the original and duplicates of your important documents. That’s a job that only printers and copiers can do. With hardcopies filed in your drawers and cabinets, you can rest assured that no accidental deletion will ruin your day.

Tangible appreciation items for employees

Personalized bags, pouches, kits, and thank you cards are great items to give as an expression of how much you appreciate your employees. In the digital age, having these tangible presents are more heart-warming than social media posts or online messages.

Tarpaulins for special events and campaigns

Year in and year out, companies never run out of special events to celebrate where tarpaulins and posters are much needed.

From simple birthday celebrations to Christmas parties, outdoor activities, and caravans for a cause, tarpaulins, leaflets, cards, and similar printed items are essential parts of the event. Instead of outsourcing it, better to have a reliable multi-functional device to print and make copies of these essential printed materials.

Printed matters to keep everyone organized

Last but not least, printed materials that will keep everyone aligned with the important agenda of the day are things that printers can provide.

Calendars that employees can display on their desks, motivational quotes that they can post on the corners of their cubicles, schedules, and project timelines that will remind them of when things are supposed to be done are only some of the printed matters that will keep people in the workplace organized.

Final note

So if you’re thinking about selling or otherwise disposing your printing devices, think again. You will miss on the many benefits that only printers and copiers can give you. For those who already disposed of their devices, contact us for purchase or rentals of Singapore copiers and multifunctional printers.


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