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March 25, 2022

7 Reasons Why Printers and Copiers are Still Useful in Business

Yes, we’re in the digital age and some are predicting that by 2024, the world is going to be paperless.

While that may be possible, it’s undeniable that some things cannot be completely digitalized within the next two years. Cash payments are still a thing, paper documents are still required by some laws, and paper cups are not going away anytime soon.


When you deal with a client, contract signing is still the operative act that closes the deal. Printed documents have been ingrained so deeply in our culture that it’s difficult to force everyone to go digital on important transactions like formal contracts.

After all, electronic documents are yet to be recognized as binding agreements in some countries. There are existing laws that still require paper documents to prove a contract between parties.

Maybe the better question would be, are we ready to make payments or to perform services without a written agreement signed by the party we are transacting with?

Other legal matters

Aside from contracts, there are other documents that must be in their paper form to be effective under the law. Marriage licenses in some countries are still issued in a physical document.

Aside from that, drivers’ licenses, car documents, birth certificates, and passports, among others, must be in paper to be recognized. It’s going to take a long time before these legal systems can be changed.


Physical meetings these days happen in a room with a huge projector in front and some supporting projectors on both sides of the room. However, these are not a guarantee that the whole group can see the presentation clearly. That’s where printed copies come in.

In very technical and data-heavy presentations, it’s still ideal to give each person in the meeting a printed copy that they can look at anytime. This will get everyone literally in the same page while the presentation is ongoing.

It’s important to have a multi-functional device in your office for needs like this. You can either buy a multifunctional device or look for a printer and copier rental business where you can lease a device at a reasonable price.

Technology backup

We mentioned on our last post that one of the benefits of printing for your business is that you can produce physical copies of important documents. Let’s face it, when you lose a digital document without a copy, you lose it forever.

Printed documents still serve as great technology backup should you lose a digital version of an important document. One cannot be too confident on digital files especially these days when widespread data breach happens even in big companies.

Printed materials for kids

It is very difficult for schools to run on a completely paperless environment. Health experts say that it’s unhealthy to deal with kids in a completely digital way, be it in a learning or a non-learning environment. Activity books and printed materials should still be the way to go in educational settings like schools.

After all, many parents still want their kids to grow in the real world where they get to draw in papers and have physical activities with their friends.

Not everyone prefers digital

Let’s admit it, not everyone is comfortable with paperless arrangements. You will still find clients and customers who prefer paper files over electronic data, cash and check payments over online transactions, and you can’t force them to change their preferences.

Prints are still powerful advertisement tools

Finally, it’s undeniable that printed ads are still great advertisement tools despite so many online options out there.

Think about this.

A customer is more likely to buy a burger meal after seeing a mouthwatering poster of it while driving rather than expecting her to click the same advertisement drowning in her sea of emails.

Printed materials still hold a special place in the advertisement industry, and we believe that posters and billboards will remain in the streets even in the years to come.

These are the seven good reasons to hold off on selling your office copier or printer. You may think that they are outdated devices that should be eliminated to reduce operational costs, but printers and copiers can still do things that your digital device are powerless to perform.



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