Tied down with an expensive and long-term copier leasing contract with a bank to pay for your high monthly copier fee? Facing difficulty in communicating with your copier vendor on service request? Always deceived and surprised by hidden costs on service maintenance? You can avoid all these hassles by choosing a more affordable and flexible Copier Rental option.

Huge Saving w/ our copier rental program


Low Rental Price

All companies going for a long-term copier lease actually pay more money in total than the actual purchase price of a brand new copier. It’s because they pay added interest every month for bank loan charges. Copier Rental, on the other hand, gives you the best of both worlds – a much cheaper monthly fee with no interest and a competent copier with the exact specs your office needs.



No Fixed Rental Period

With so many goals that need budget allocation every month, you got to have the flexibility to retain necessary expenses and let go of those you can no longer pay. Don’t be locked in a copier lease contract that requires payment until the term ends. With Copier Rental, there is no rental period to speak of. You won’t sign up for a fixed lease period so you can let go of it if your business needs redirection.



Service Maintenance with No Hidden Cost

Everyone loves surprises except if it’s a hidden cost. This usually happens when your leased copier suddenly breaks down and you call a repairman to fix it. Next thing you’ll hear is a service charge that you’ve never discussed with the company before. With our Copier Rental Plans, you won’t have any of these surprises because we commit to a No Hidden Cost policy.



An Eco-Friendly Option

Instead of buying or leasing for expensive copier, isn’t it better off getting a used copier that is in pristine condition while having full-service maintenance? It is like buying a used car that is in good condition while you still enjoy a full-service maintenance.

This way, we help you to save money & also go green by reducing new copier demand and ultimately lowering the need for the production of plastic.



 Problem w/ Old & Obsolete Copier

Do not be mistaken that our copier machine is old and obsolete, which is usually introduced by many second-hand copier machine dealer. We know what it is like to be stuck in your print work! We only select used copier that is not only pristine in condition but also picks on the model that is recent, durable and suitable for both light and heavy usage.




How Our Customers Benefited from Our Copier Rental Program


Our clients have stayed with O-Risen because they saved up a lot by going for our affordable copier rental program.

In addition, they are free from contractual that usually lock them for at least 5 years.

Yes, we may not get a fat commission for not leasing or selling an office copier, however, we are confident that it’s keeping our client happy!




About O Risen

We are a team of vibrant youth who offer innovative print solutions to our client so they can reduce their monthly printing cost.

We are also an advocate for recycling product. By introducing a refurbished copier set to our client with the assurance of service maintenance, we reduce their expenses on copier machine and give them similar printing rate and maintenance support just like a new copier.