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Everything you Need to Know about the Printing Capacity of Multi-Functional Devices

You might be wondering, “Why are some Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) more expensive than the others?” They seem to perform the same tasks but one is double the price of another MFD that looks just about the same.

This question can be responded to with different answers. It could be the resolution of the display screen, the connectivity features, or the portability of the device. But the most important feature that differentiates a great MFD from an ordinary one is the printing capacity.

If you will buy a device for the purpose of printing and making copies of documents in the office, then this is the feature that you should look into before making a purchase. You also have the option of renting a device from copier Singapore business if you need a high-capacity printer that’s above and beyond your budget.

A device’s printing capacity is composed of several factors. These elements of your device’s printing capacity can tell the quality and quantity of prints that your device can produce. From this bit of information, you can determine the efficiency and productivity of the MFD you’re eyeing. As such, going into the details of these factors and checking the other specifications for a copier or MFD will help you make an informed purchase.

Paper Type

While most printers work with conventional paper, a couple of MFDs can print on thick papers.

The difference can be minimal at best but this characteristic gives you the benefit of versatility for your office goals. If you need this advantage now, or even at some time in the future, you should go for an MFD that can handle thick paper documents.

Paper Capacity

Another aspect of an MFD you should look into is its paper capacity. Basically, this means how many pieces of paper a device can hold at one time. There are devices out there that can take in 100 sheets of paper while some can hold 250 pieces in one go.

At the same time, there are certain MFDs that possess two or more trays to hold these sheets of paper in. The main benefit of these trays is that the device can print two or more documents simultaneously.

If you value speed and efficiency, this is one characteristic you should aim for.

Copy Size

Over the course of your office’s operations, you might need to make a copy that’s larger or smaller than the original document. Although you can opt to scan the document and resize it using a photo editing software, the most practical solution is to get an MFD that can fulfil this function for you.

Some high-end devices can enlarge a document up to 400% of its original size. Just keep in mind that the norm for resolution these days range at around 600 x 600 dpi.

At the same time, you should also remember to go for an MFD that offers a minimum image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels if you want to at least print 24×36 photos.

Copy Speed

This is an important quality of the MFD you’re planning to buy. You should first determine if you need a device that can churn out loads of pages for your operations.

Usually, those with a speed of 14 copies per minute (CPM) are generally chosen for office work. Take some time to look into the speed of your preferred MFD and find out if it suits your needs well.

Monthly Printing Capacity

Lastly, you’d like to have a durable MFD that can print as much copies as your office needs. If your business requires tons of printed copies each day, you should go for an MFD with high monthly printing capacity.

Some units can print up to 5000 pages a month while some are designed for double than that – a monthly printing capacity of up to 10,000 pages. Find the perfect match for your company and never settle for less.



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