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April 20, 2018

Features to Consider in a Copier Machine

Are looking to buy a new photocopier machine for your office? You should have a list of features that you want in your new machine. The photocopier machines come in different sizes and with some common and different features.

There are multiple features in addition to printing, copying, and scanning that come in the latest photocopying machines. Here are some of the latest features that need to be considered while purchasing a photocopier machine.


Automatic Document Feeder


AIS copiers

The latest photocopier machines have an automatic document feeder feature, which makes it automatically pull the original document from the feeder. After copying a document, the machine takes another document from the feeder, and the process goes on. The document feeders usually accommodate up to 50 original documents. Such machines do not require an operator to manually feed the documents into them.


Multi Size Copier Machine

Copying for multiple sizes is another useful feature of the latest photocopier machines. In certain situations, businesses require copying the documents on a paper larger or smaller than the standard A4 size paper.  Modern machines allow photocopying on legal paper, large sized paper and standard paper size.


Network Interface Card

This feature allows your photocopier machine to connect to your local network. Anyone using a device which is a part of the network can print a document on the machine. The network interface card is useful for offices and businesses with a number of employees.


Touch Screen interface



Earlier the photocopier machines were operated by buttons or touch keys. Now the photocopier machines are equipped with touch screen interface which allows using the access codes, departmental accounting, and card reader attachments.


Hard Drive

The latest commercial photocopier machines are equipped with a hard drive. This allows the users to save the copies of documents, send them over a network and line up the copy jobs. Consider photocopiers with a hard drive if your employees need access to the important documents like forms and checklists regularly.

It is better to check the hard drive capacity before purchasing the photocopier machine. The hard drive should have enough storage to accommodate the required documents.


Wireless printing and security 


The latest models of photocopier machines are equipped with the wireless printing feature which allows you to print the documents remotely. You will need to check that your copier machine is set up with a network security authentication system. The network security feature allows only the authorized users to access the machine.

The wireless printing feature helps in enhancing the productivity and streamlining multiple processes. You should consider buying a machine with wireless printing capability and having an option of creating accounts for multiple users.


Final Words

Purchasing a copier machine for your company is a big investment, and you need to consider various features to make sure that you make the right decision. You should compare the advantages of a multipurpose copier machine to that of a standard photocopier to save money and space.




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