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Five Reasons Why Your Office Should Go for a Heavy-Duty Copier

When jotting down the list of office equipment to purchase for a start-up company, a copier will always be one of the non-negotiables. This is true in all industries globally, no matter how big or small your company is or what service or product you are offering to the market.

In the fast-paced, high-tech world where we live in, our dear copiers have also evolved in time. Copier companies and manufacturers have levelled up to meet the growing needs of businesses to produce more and more copies daily.

That’s why we recommend that you opt for a heavy-duty copier that’s flexible enough for your needs today and in the future. Here are the reasons why most multinational corporations and visionary companies alike choose heavy-duty copiers than a basic one.


High printing capacity

Let’s start with the obvious. Advanced heavy-duty copiers these days will exceed your expectations because they are capable to provide for more than what you’ll ever need in a day. A single tray has a 2000-sheet capacity and can hold an 18-pound bond for printing. That’s a lot of paper, you might imagine. These copiers are usually multi-functional and are designed to produce over a hundred thousand copies in one continuous operation. We believe that’s more than enough for your needs.


You don’t need to buy one

You might be surprised at this. But this fact is actually the answer if you currently don’t have the budget for an expensive and reliable multi-functional, heavy-duty copier. Find a copier machine Singapore company that offers copier lease or rental. This is your best option if you have heavy printing and copying needs but don’t have the budget to purchase a heavy-duty copier as of now. Instead of paying a high upfront price, you can just include this equipment in your monthly expenses. After all, if you don’t buy a copier, you will also help save the environment by reducing brand new copier demand.


It has all the advanced features you need

Since our old copiers have evolved in time, you can now see features like full colour touch-screen user interface, customized configuration, colour scanning, and high-capacity feeders. Of course, these heavy-duty copiers have built-in wireless connectivity features that keep them looped in the internet of things. Some of these copiers even have RFID card reader and can print up to 30 pages per minute.


No regular repairs needed

One of the best reasons to choose a heavy-duty copier is to avoid the frustration of paper jam, overheating, and other copier problems that you will surely encounter if you overuse a regular copier. Without these problems, you won’t need to hire pros for regular copier repairs.


No need to outsource for heavy printing needs

When you have to conduct trainings, seminars, workshops, or promotional events for your company, you will face the dilemma of whether to outsource your heavy printing needs or not. Surely, you’ll need posters, tarpaulins, and info sheets for these events and a basic copier cannot print these all out for you. But with a heavy-duty copier, the question of outsourcing your printing needs won’t surface again. These majestic copying machines can print up to 1200 x 2400 dpi images and are designed to print as much as 2,000,000 papers per month! Speed is not a problem too because heavy-duty copiers only need 8 seconds to print a full-color page. Just imagine the convenience you’ll get when you rent a copier like this.





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