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September 12, 2017

Four Health Tips for Copier Users

Some are raising health concerns about the effects of copiers to the human body. They contend that certain allergies, asthma, and pneumonia, among others, can be caused by constant exposure to copiers. But despite all these speculations about the adverse effects of copiers to our health, we cannot simply throw this equipment away because they have become a necessity in business operations.

Copiers have proven their worth due to their useful function of reproducing documents of any kind with the least amount of time. The alleged health risks that they pose are not sufficient reasons to get rid of this helpful equipment because we can practice simple copier usage techniques to remove all those threats.

As such, here are some tips on how to handle your copiers so they won’t pose any health issue for you and your employees.


Wear protective gears when Changing Toners

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Whenever we operate a copier, we expose our body to diseases that can be caused by this machine. The result would really cost us our hard-earned money and precious time whenever we get sick. To remedy that, a simple solution would be to wear protective gears when replacing your toners or cleaning the machine interior.

For starters, you can use face masks to prevent the entry of any harmful element into your lungs. Using gloves can also help prevent any allergies from ravaging your skin. Last, but not the least, protective gear for your eyes will shield them against toners whenever your take out an old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

And speaking of toners, it’s always best to hire professionals who are armed with the right experience, gears, and knowledge on how to handle toner issues and maintenance. Otherwise, you would be exposed to its harmful effects whenever you handle these cartridges.


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Keep a Distance

Placing a copier right in the middle of a busy part of the office isn’t such a good idea. Lots of people will be exposed by the negative effects of this machine and can be a cause for certain ailments. The best solution is to place a copier in a separate room, away from the employees of your office. You can place this machine in the storage room, where your supplies of paper can also be found. Just remember to place your copier in a room with proper ventilation and air conditioning to properly get rid of its harmful odors.



Regular Copier Maintenance

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If you check and clean your copier at least once a week, dust and dirt will not pile up. At the same time, the machine’s filters can get clogged by paper dust if you don’t maintain it regularly. The quality of the copy will also be affected because the dust that’s caught up inside this machine will cause spots, smudges, and streaks on the final output.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, clean the glass, the paper trays, and the rollers inside the machine. If you’re afraid that you might damage some parts inside, let the pros handle the cleaning and maintenance of your office’s copier machine. They are trained and equipped to maintain your copier without causing any complications on your part.


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Consider your Posture when Using the Copier

Our posture in the tasks we do everyday can be a big factor for our health. The same logic applies when you operate a copier. This is true, especially if you have to make lots of copies in one go. That’s why you have to elevate or lower the height of a copier if you are straining your body too much when you operate it. Sprains and muscle irritation might result if you don’t take precaution in this matter.


Just like all the other equipment in our workplace, copier machines can also pose health risks if we are not responsible in operating it. These minimal health effects can easily be evaded if you follow the tips mentioned above.



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