Four Types of Copier You Can Use in the Office

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If you take the time to look around, one of the common machines in every office is a copier. These handy appliances can be normally found in offices because of their functionality in producing copies of important documents. As a result, you get to save a lot of money and be more efficient in disseminating these documents for within and outside of your office.

But you shouldn’t just get any copier. You have to determine your specific needs and budget to find the right kind of copier. You might also want to look for a wide variety of options available for you here at To help you out further, here are various kinds of copiers that can serve your purposes.

Mono-type copier

As the name suggests, these copiers only reproduce documents using black toner. It can’t make copies of documents with any color in them. Mono copiers are usually affordable, easy to maintain, and convenient to operate. There are some variations of mono copiers as well. Low-end mono copiers can only manage to reproduce a small amount of pages per minute while the high end ones can churn out at least 100 pages per minute. If your office only deals with text documents, mono copiers are the perfect fit for your needs.


Color-type copier

These days, most offices deal with documents that have several colors in them. This is the reason why color copiers are a popular choice for any business to recreate these documents. Aside from reproducing black and white copies, they can also use a wide range of colored toners for any document type. In order to accomplish this feat, color-type copiers use cartridges or drums that contain Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. From these four colors, they can reproduce any other color present in your office documents. Of course, you need to source out colored toners and cartridges and stock them so your copier can continue functioning properly.


Network-type copier

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In a large office, several employees would line up to use a conventional copier. This will take a lot of time and the copier might end up being overused by your employees. To prevent that from happening, a network-type copier is what you should go for. Basically, this kind of copier is connected to your office’s main server, along with every computer in your workplace.

An employee will direct the document he or she wishes to be reproduced to the copier and this machine will do the rest. This takes away the hassle of lining up and consuming too much time for your employees. When you choose this advanced type of copier, whether you rent one or bought one as an investment for your company, you should know how to use it the right way.


Copiers with other functions

When it comes to copiers, a popular choice is to get one that has several other functions. Copiers that can scan, print, and fax, among others, are very useful inside an office setting. Furthermore, these multifunctional copiers can also be connected to the internet and to computer network servers for added functionality. In some case, employees can reproduce documents with the use of an USB drive or via a wireless connection from their own device. This provides a lot of convenience for any employee doing several jobs all at once.


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