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How Long Will your Copier Last?

Whenever we purchase a new office equipment, we always think about its features and over-all importance in business operations. We think about the number of units the company needs and in which departments we will put those pieces of equipment.

Seldom do business owners think about the regular maintenance needs of the equipment or the steps in order to preserve it. But one of the most important things you have to ask before buying an office equipment such as a copier is its life span. Approximately, how many years will it last?

In this post, we are going to talk about the length of service your copier can give to you and the signs that your equipment needs repairs.


How to determine the lifespan of a copier

The best way to find out the lifespan of your copier is by asking the salesperson before you even purchase the unit. They surely have the answer to this question. They may not be able to tell you the exact number of years your copier will be serviceable but they will give you an estimate lifespan. They can also give you tips on how to prolong the life of your copier or the limits of its operations.

Another way of finding out the lifespan of your equipment is by looking at the manual. The manufacturer usually puts the approximate years of your copier’s serviceability in the manual. You can also read some reviews of the unit you intend to buy or ask around if you have friends who purchased the same copier.


Signs that your copier needs repairs

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We have written previously about smart tips that will keep your copier functioning like it’s new. These are simple steps that will help you maintain your equipment regularly in order to avoid early breakdown or malfunction. If you fail to observe these steps, your copier may show signs that it needs repairs, such as the following:


Frequent paper jam

When paper jam happens frequently even when papers were properly positioned in the copier, this is a sign that something else is going on inside. There may be parts that do not function well or a vital component may need a replacement. When you notice frequent paper jams, better call pros to repair your copier.



It’s not hard to notice when your copier is overheating. When the temperature of your equipment rises higher than the usual and you feel that it overheats even with proper use, there might be a problem with its electrical parts. It is not advisable to continue using the unit. If you use your copier without exceeding the advisable volume limits and it overheats, you have to call pros right away.


Smudged copies

Another sign that your copier needs a repair is when the copies are dirty even when the ink was placed properly and the papers are in the right position as well.

When you notice these signs, you have to address them right away if you want to prolong the life of your copier. Some companies opt to just look for copier machine Singapore rentals instead of buying an expensive equipment and spend on expensive repairs in the future.



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