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August 22, 2017

How to Maintain Your Office Copier Machine?

Whether you purchase or rent copier equipment, it is an essential tool in your company’s arsenal. When a photocopier is down, the whole work comes to a sudden halt, which is typically not affordable for businesses. It is only time when we seek maintenance services for the jammed machine.


However, this one of the most expensive office equipment needs constant regular maintenance efforts to handle the excessive usage of the copier properly. Talking about the repairing cost, advanced versions of photocopiers cost hundreds of dollars for repairs.


Train your employees to use it

As mentioned above, your office photocopier is one of the big investments for your firm. Technology changes everyday, and so does the method of using technical inventions like a photocopier.

So, to make the most out of your machine in the best possible manner, it’s advisable to train your employees on how to use it up to an optimum level. It will not only educate them but also encourage them to be constantly efficient with the equipment.


Hire A Go-To Person Within The Organization

Choose a trustworthy person with great learning skills from your employees and train him or her, the maximum on your used copier machine. Also, share much of the internal knowledge with him/her.

There is no doubt that service providers could address a multitude of rent copier problems within your company, better having a go-to person within the company makes the technical process extremely efficient and costs your company comparatively less money.


Avoid DIY Fix

You can fix the issue by following machine instructions and user manual. But, there are some issues, like frequent paper jam, for which you have to call a trained and professional service provider who will fix this recurring issues and allow you smooth business operations.

Never put pressure on any component of the copier as it could cause damage to the machine. Also, don’t forget to dust the exterior along with the interior of the machine while working on it. Finally, to clean the top of the ink nozzle, take a cotton swab, dip it in alcohol and rub it gently on the nozzle.


Turn Off The Power

Before you start cleaning or maintaining your machine, make sure you keep the power supply to your rent copier turned off. It will protect the device as well as you from unpleasant electrical accidents.


Clear The Hard Drive

Most of the modern photocopiers have an internal hard drive that stores day-to-day information that you process through the machine. Chances are the drive has extremely sensitive information stored in it. So, it’s important to clean up your hard drive regularly to keep it running smoothly and protect your organization from data theft.

When the agreement of your rent copier is about to over, or you are planning to sell your machine, make sure you completely erase or destroy the hard drive to avoid data breaches.


Use Appropriate Products

Each copier of different model and brand may require a specific kind of product. So, make sure you use the best possible type of paper and toner for your machine. Using the highest quality paper for copier will create less dust inside the device. And, less dust means less maintenance needed for your photocopier.

Never keep the copier loaded with the paper as it might accumulate dust and moisture on it. Also, toners are available in a wide range. If you don’t use a toner suggested by the manufacturers, you may end up facing severe damage, which will eventually lead to huge maintenance costs.


Properly Load The Papers

Most people take loading paper leniently. But to avoid your copier machine from jamming, it’s important that you appropriately load sheets. Never load folded, crumbled or wet paper inside the machine, which could result in paper jam or printer failure.


Keep It Covered When Not In Use

Develop a good habit of turning off your rent copier and keep it covered when you are not using it. Ensure that the copier is completely dry before you cover it. With this simplest step, you can keep dust from depositing inside it. Moisture damages certain parts and affects print quality. So, make sure it’s always dry!


Clean The Machine Regularly 

Giving a regular cleanup to your machine will extend its life significantly. Use a lint-free and soft nonabrasive cloth for cleaning the glass. Keep in mind; never use spray cleaner directly on the glass. Instead, spray the cloth and then clean the glass, which will protect it from scratching due to the existence of dust of staple pins. Never do these things with your multi-functioning copier.

On the interior part of the rent copier, use a cloth to wipe out the visible dust. You can also use a small, fine-haired paint brush to clean all interior components of the equipment. Dust the ink cartridge holder, paper trays and other parts that are susceptible to house dust inside.


Replace Air Filters Frequently

The air intake of your device can pull unpleasant dust elements. All air intake panels in copier machines have filters on them. It’s good to put a strip of clean cheesecloth to create a protective layer over the opening part of this filter. Change the air filter frequently to keep the machine free from dust and grime.


 Get Regular Maintenance Check 

In spite of regular maintenance efforts, the copier machine will take a beat at some point in life. After all, it’s working for you 7-8 hours or more for you. Moreover, there are a few components that are inaccessible, and you can’t clean them.

So, to keep your entire device in a good working condition, regular maintenance service checks from a qualified technician or service provider is a must.

It’s important especially when you have a heavy reliance on your equipment and downtimes are critical for your business. Better stay in touch your supplier or service team so that they are available on a single call for any technical glitches.

Last, but not the least! Whether you buy a brand new or rent copier machines, it’s your responsibility to keep it well-maintained and in good working state. Just a little effort could save you from the big investment of repairs and maintenance.




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