How To Recycle Empty And Use Ink Cartridges?

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If you are reading this post, we appreciate you for being conscious about the environment. This article throws light on all possible and easy ways to recycle your empty and used cartridges while reducing your carbon footprint.


Photocopier machines are must equipment for offices all over the time. Every office is equipped with at least one copier to manage their document systems. Taking these facts into account, millions of empty toners and inkjet cartridges are disposed of every day. It contributes to the earth’s landfill and soil pollution.

If you think in favor of the environment and want to get rid of these useless cartridges, you have many other alternatives. And, the best, easiest and most profitable option is recycling used and empty cartridges of your copier.

You can recycle most of the cartridges up to six times. These are then refurbished, refilled and resold at a lower cost than the branded one. Don’t worry about the quality! Recycled toners and cartridges come with the same quality and offer output equal to the new one.


Ways to Recycle Empty Cartridges

If you have decided to be wise towards the environment and want to recycle ink cartridges, you have multiple options as given below:


Recycle Cartridge Locally

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  • The first option is to make a call to a local store that deals in office supplies and photocopier sales. If your printer or ink cartridge supplier facilitates a policy for returning and recycling empty cartridges, simply call them. If not, call a local supplier and fix the deal. Most of the office supplies stores recycle used cartridges. It’s the easiest way to return it locally.
  • Major retailers run reward programs to encourage customers to return empty cartridges. In exchange, they will give you some cash, store credit or reward points for the future purchase. A few stores also offer a discount on the next cartridge purchase. Don’t forget to collect all details upfront to check limitations on time frame for returning the used product. Also check if they have any specific requirement, like accepting used cartridges only from certain brands or not taking previously recycles products.
  • If you have any local recycling center, call them ahead of the time and check out their recycling policy on their website. It’s another quick and convenient way to recycle used toner cartridges. See their policy to check if the product has to be properly packaged prior to recycling.


Recycling for Cash

  • There are thousands of websites that accept used cartridges for recycling for repurposing. This way, you not only help environment stay safe but also make easy money. Most of these sites have their own price structure. If the price seems satisfactory, send them an email with pictures and details of your product. If the buyer is interested in your cartridge, he or she will get back to you with guidelines send the product at their address.
  • Auction off the cartridge on eBay, if you like. Check the demand on a particular day to get the good price via auction sites. Simply, create your eBay account and advertise your products. Don’t forget to mention all information, such as model number, manufacturer, whether the cartridge is black, color or combined, etc. Also, post pictures to demonstrate that your product meets the expected quality standards. If the product has never been recycled earlier, you can get a good price for it.


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Charity Donation

  • Are you interested in donating? Then you can donate empty cartridges to organizations that send the money made from the donation to schools and non-profits organizations.
  • You can think to donate it to local charities in your area. Just check if there are recycling drives in your area and if a particular charity organization accepts recyclable ink cartridges and toners.

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It’s a rapid way to guarantee your products are being recycled for helping a good cause. If a charity is running a recycling drive, you can easily spot donations boxes looking for recyclables. Keep in mind; charity boxes should explicitly state they accept empty cartridges before placing your product in it.


Reducing Waste

  • Another lucrative option is to reuse your empty cartridge for recycling purpose. Most office supplies retailers offer services to refill old cartridges at a nominal cost. It’s comparatively much cheaper than investing in a brand new product while allowing you cut back on your carbon footprint.
  • Develop environment-friendly habits of using less paper and ink on a regular basis. It not only cuts back on waste but also results in increasing the lifespan on your toner cartridge. If possible, read the maximum of your documents on screen. Also, choose to fill out forms online, if the option is available. Think electronic tickets and pull up your itinerary on your cell phone instead or printing it on paper.
  • Check your local outlets if they are selling recycle cartridges and toners. People prefer buying recycles products to reduce electronic waste and also because it offers them the cheapest deal on cartridges.  It’s important to note that recycled cartridges work similarly good as a new product does.

But make sure that you take some precautionary steps when purchasing the same. Read the reviews of the supplier in question. Recycling cartridge takes some work and some companies do it better than others. Don’t forget to thoroughly read the return and warranty policy. Genuine companies always offer returns or warranties upfront.

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See, there are so many ways to recycle a useless empty cartridge without negatively affecting the environment.

There is no doubt that people understand the importance of recycling paper. But the world still not properly motivated to recycle and reuse empty printer cartridges. E-waste spans a bigger portion of environment pollution.

Commercials can contribute towards reducing e-waste by motivating their employees to recycle printer cartridges. Even if it’s a digital page, printing still plays a crucial role in our lives and not going anywhere in future. So, it’s important to stay and raise awareness to minimize the damage to the environment and for recycling the empty toner cartridges.


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