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Why make a one-time big-time purchase when you can reduce the cost and upgrade anytime you want?

This is precisely the wisdom behind our copier leasing plans.

As compared to buying a brand new copier where you

  • spend a huge amount
  • for an equipment that depreciates over time
  • while you get locked in the same technology for years

You can get these benefits from leasing a copier

  • Choose between our lineup of copiers (Canon, Fuji Xerox¬†and Konical Minolta)
  • Get service maintenance for free (as part of the copier lease contract)
  • Start cheap, then upgrade to a more advanced copier later
  • Keep on upgrading every time your business needs it
  • Spread the cost of an expensive copier over a period of time

Whether your business needs a basic copier or a multifunction device that works as a printer, fax machine, and a copier, we have it in our leasing plans.

Tell us your needs and we can even meet you face-to-face to recommend the most suitable unit for you.