The million dollar question is do your company really require a document management software when we can make do with computer file system to do the sorting and organizing of files.

 And while most document management system comes with feature like OCR to convert image file or pdf to searchable text, it can be achieved by simply purchasing an affordable OCR software like Abby Finereader or Adobe acrobat.

So what is the point of subscribing for a software that inserts a fix running cost to your company? Here is 3 simple question you can use as a checklist to see if document management software work for your business.

  1. Does the document usually manage by one key admin or it is handled by difference party?
  2. Do you need to introduce security measures to assign multiple roles to access a different part of the document in the company?
  3. How often does your team need to access company’s document remotely to carry out their job? Does it increase productivity and minimize potential human error?


To sum up, the aim of document management system is to enhance productivity in document processing and at the same time handle document access right within a company. Though it is not difficult to manage file and folder, however, the same cannot be said for managing document across different department & yet achieve the desired result.