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June 27, 2019

Security Measures to Keep your Copier Files Private

In an office setting, connectivity and accessibility are features that companies look for in copiers, printers, and multi-functional devices. However, these two must work hand-in-hand with the device’s security features.

Access to documents is convenient when in the right hands but destructive and dangerous in the hands of a wrong person. Accessibility, while increases operational efficiency, exposes the company to the risk of file theft and data losses.

And because most companies usually overlook the security features of an office copier and immediately hit the buy button upon seeing the advanced connectivity features of a device, we’re writing this post to help you protect your office documents from the dangers of over-accessibility.

For our clients who go to us for copier rental, we recommend devices with data security features to help them protect their documents.

Here are the three tips that we usually give them, and now we’re sharing them with you so you too can secure your documents that are stored and accessed through an office copier.


Disconnect the Copier

There are going to be instances when you need to disconnect your copier from the computer or server where it is connected. One of the reasons why you should do so is to safeguard your files. The best time to disconnect this machine is when the office closes for the night. In this way, you won’t have anything to worry about while you’re getting a good night’s sleep.

Most companies leave their copiers and multi-functional devices connected to the internet 24/7. This opens your sensitive files to theft and important documents to deletion. These files should not be accessible via the internet when the operation closes.

Another instance where you can disconnect a copier is when you’re not expecting to use it during your office’s operating hours. This way, you are assured no one will access the files stored in the copier without your knowledge.  In fact, if your company can operate with a disconnected device, you can have a basic copier or multifunctional device that is totally not web-enabled.


Manage Accessibility

Keeping your files safe from the hands of unwanted people can be tough if you do not know what to do. A good place to start is to identify the employees within your office or organization that need access to your office documents. For the sensitive files, you have to restrict access.

Set these documents with a password that can limit the access only to the people who really need access to them, and of course, those whom you can trust.

You can also restrict access based on time so it’s possible to set limit access to operating hours. There are even advanced copiers that can detect who accessed these files and alert you when there’s unauthorized attempt to access. By managing access, you are ensuring the security of your files.


Go for Privacy-Sensitive Copiers

Another option you can entertain if you want to improve file security in your workplace is to get privacy-sensitive copiers. These machines are equipped with settings that allow you to lock data in and secure them from people who don’t have access to these files. As stated earlier in this article, you just have to choose a set of employees you can trust with the access to certain files.

Input the password you prefer and set additional parameters that promote the security of your data. Don’t you worry because the latest copier models available in the market are built to resist hacking. Thanks to these modern features, you can safely use and store files in your copier and not worry about them falling into the wrong hands.



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