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The Best Copiers For Small Businesses this 2018

Every business owner dreams of making it big. The thought of growing a simple concept into a large enterprise that serves multitudes is certainly a goal worth fighting for. This small dream can exponentially grow into something bigger when a lot of hard work and resourcefulness is invested. After doing so, any company can set out and conquer the world.

Of course, this dream doesn’t happen overnight. You need the right idea and a team who’s willing to go all out for the business. At the same time, you’re going to need a base of operations and the required equipment to achieve your short-term and long-term goals. These tools, such as computers, can help do a lot of tasks in a short amount of time. One such machine that’s going to be handy for your business is the copier.

This certain piece of equipment is a staple in any office space. Its main function is to reproduce documents into any number of copies. These documents can range into various sizes, and colors, depending on the capability of the copier. You can hook up these machines into your computer or connect them wirelessly from any device.

Once connected, you can send your files and make copies of them seamlessly. You also have the option to load it physically on the machine and make copies of your document from there.

Just like every other appliance in the market, copiers come in different sizes and models. The expensive variants usually have a wide range of features and better capabilities to make their use more convenient.

On the other hand, the entry-level copiers are devoid of these features at a more affordable price. Even though they don’t have all the bells and whistles, these copiers are still very useful for any office. Small business owners have differing needs than the bigger ones. Shown below are some of the best copiers targeted for small businesses.


Canon ImageClass MF247dw

Photo from Cornersports CA

First on the list is a copier from Canon. The ImageClass MF247dw is not only a machine that reproduces documents, it can also print files from your computer or any other device. The main feature this machine boasts is its ability to connect to your computer, mobile phone, or tablet wirelessly.

Just imagine how convenient it would be to make copies of your files or to have them printed. Select your documents, send it, and watch the machine does its job without interacting physically with it.

Another benefit you’re going to gain from the Canon ImageClass MF247dw is its ability to print or make copies at a fast rate. This machine can release printed or copied files at an average of 28 pages per minute.

This will help you a lot, especially if your business deals with a lot of paperwork. Plus, the copier can also lessen your electricity bills because of its power-saving mode. In fact, it only uses 2W of energy whenever you set it to that particular mode.


Brother DCPL5500DN

Photo from Humanitarian Supplies

If you’re after a piece of equipment that’s worth the investment, you need not look any further than the Brother DCPL5500DN. This machine has a print and copy rate of 42 pages per minute, making it handy when you need a lot of files reproduced in a moment’s notice. You can even utilize both sides of a document.

With a flick of a button, you can have double-sided copies and save more paper in the process. Furthermore, there’s a built-in connection to Amazon Dash if you need to order a new batch of toner cartridges when your supply is running low. Thanks to this benefit, you’ll never worry about running out of ink during the most crucial period of your office’s work.

While the Brother DCPL5500DN has its own share of advantages, there are some disadvantages you should know about. For one, this copier only makes black and white documents. There’s no option to reproduce or print colored files. Another thing you should be aware of is its lack of wireless connectivity options.

Unlike the earlier models in our list, this machine needs to be connected to your computers using a USB cord for it to receive the files. This adds another step to your workflow and adds to the overall action needed to accomplish a singular goal. Nevertheless, the Brother DCPL55ooDN manages to fulfill its main function of copying files and delivering the results you need without any further compromises. And although it comes with a higher price tag, it promises efficiency and results to your operations. If you’re a startup that needs this piece of equipment but you don’t have enough cash to buy a new one, you can go for used copier rental options.


HP LaserJet Pro M225dn

Photo from HP

Next on the list is a copier from HP, the LaserJet Pro M225dn. This particular model can fulfill four different functions – copier, printer, scanner, and fax machine. These benefits are more than useful for any small business owner. You have the freedom to load up to 35 piece of paper on its document feeder at a time.

Select the function you want and watch this machine go. You can event connect it to your workstation using the device’s built-in Ethernet network for a smoother experience operating it. Once it’s working, you can expect around a 26-pages per minute copying or printing rate to help you with your document needs. Plus, you can be sure your data won’t leak out anywhere because the HP LaserJet Pro M225dn secure this information away from anyone.

The downside to this multi-functional machine is its inability to print or reproduce colored documents. It also doesn’t create high-resolution scanned files. If these things aren’t vital to your business, you’ll be more than happy with what this machine can offer you.


Brother Printer MFCJ935DW

Photo from Amazon

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Brother Printer MFCJ935DW. Just like other entries here, this machine can copy, scan, print, and fax documents. And it can do all of these things in a more compact size. The device’s trays can contain around 500 piece of paper at a time and finishes up a rate of 22 pages per minute.

That’s not bad for any small business owner. The machine’s wireless capabilities make it more functional for any office space due to the absence of physical wires connecting it to your employees’ workstations. Of course, you may need to stock a pile of inkjet cartridges so this machine can continue functioning.



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