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October 31, 2018

The Newest Features You Should Be Looking For In A Copier

Step inside a typical office space and you’ll be greeted by a hectic, yet productive, atmosphere. These places are filled with people all working together to accomplish a set of goals. In addition, you’ll also find all kinds of equipment and furniture needed to make the overall task easier. You’ll see computers, filing cabinets, tables, chairs, and air conditioners, among others. One of the many objects you’ll see inside an office is a copier.

Basically, the copier is a machine that reproduces paper documents in a swift manner. It does this feat by exposing the file under a special kind of light. The corresponding exposure is then captured using certain chemicals. The end result is then printed into a new piece of paper. All of these actions happen in a short amount of time, making the copier’s function important to businesses on a strict deadline.

But of course, this isn’t the only benefit offices can get from a copier. Modern variants of this appliance can do so much more than make copies of a document. It can also scan or print new files straight from the computer. All of these functions help make the copier a very useful tool for any business owner. As such, there are new features coming out in the market. Here are some of these new functions that can prove useful to companies and businesses.


Improved Internal Processing

When it comes to deadlines, speed and efficiency are of utmost importance. In the past, copiers have the tendency to slow down because of their outdated design. You’ll also have to wait for a couple of minutes for this machine to work properly after turning it on. Today’s copiers don’t suffer from those problems. Thanks to a faster internal processing system, modern copiers can be used after mere seconds. They don’t hang up as much as before too. All of these positive attributes can be enjoyed without any loss in quality from your reproduced documents.



There are instances when the files you get from a copier are not up to standards. It’s either too blurry or there are some lines across the document. The proofing feature makes sure this doesn’t happen by creating an initial document first. This copy is used to determine if the machine can reproduce the document without any problems. As a result, you can get quality copies without having to waste so much paper in the end.


A Wider Range of Paper Sizes

Transferring important data on a different paper size can be a complicated matter if you’re using an old copier. Newer models can hold a wide range of paper sizes in its tray. In turn, it can make copies on a different paper size. This is crucial, especially if the people receiving these reproduced documents are particular about the size of paper they’re handling. This function makes everything simpler and more efficient for companies.


Web Connectivity

Modern copiers that a Singapore copier supplier provide are endowed with the ability to connect to the internet. In doing so, any kind of document can be transmitted to this machine for reproduction. As compared to outdated models, these new copiers can receive files from an e-mail and create documents from them right away. You no longer have to take so many steps, such as accessing your online account, downloading the file, and making a printed document to be copied. With just a push of a button, you can get your report and have copies of it in the fastest time possible.


Integration to a Network

An office space usually has a dedicated network to manage all of the computers being used. This system is headed by a server and connects every workstation to each other. A copier can also be connected to this system to make its function more seamless and efficient. A server can be used to store a great number of files from any computer. With just a single command, you can access these files and send them to the copier. You don’t need to stand up and place a physical document inside the copier anymore. This will help save you time and energy as you accomplish your goals in the office.


High-Quality Scanning and Printing

High-end copiers possess a multitude of functions, such as printing and scanning. Thanks to these features of some of the best business copiers, you now have an option to scan a document and turn it into a digital file. You can also use your copier to print documents if the need arises. Having these functions packed into one machine can help save you time, effort, and even money.


Better Interaction with Mobile Devices

The world today is forever changed because of mobile devices, like cellular phones, tablets, and laptops. Apart from making communications easier, these devices can also store all of your files at work. You can connect your gadget to the office’s copier to reproduce all of your documents.  Modern copiers are equipped with means for connectivity, like Bluetooth and WiFi. You can link the device of your choice and send your file over for reproduction. You no longer need to perform a number of steps anymore to get your file copied. Again, this functionality will make you more efficient in your goals at the office.


Enhanced Security

In some instances, the nature of a company is so sensitive. Its files don’t have the luxury to be shared with anyone in public. This may be due to preventing the competition of learning trade secrets or it can be for the safety of the people. Whatever the case may be, it’s crucial to keep every file under a secure blanket. A typical copier can be accessed by parties not privy to your business. It would make more sense to choose a variant that won’t leak out your files. Fortunately, there are copiers on the market that provide a high-level of security. You can set a password on this machine before someone else can use it. The same logic can also be applied for anyone trying to make a copy via WiFi or a computer connected to the server.



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