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November 29, 2017

Things You Must Know About The Copier Lease

Are you looking to lease a copier? Well, many people think of it like buying a property, you can own or lease. But, the thing that comes into play is that you have to pay in both of these ways. Also, leasing a copier is a kind of commitment. Here you will get some nuggets of information on what to know about the copier leases.

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It is a contract

The copier leasing contact is a legally binding document, which involves a legal obligation for the contract. The main thing is, you cannot sign a four-year contract and then after three months, you change your mind about it.


It is not a rentalĀ 

While leasing copiers or leasing the office equipment, you may sign a lease to rent a house or apartment. But, remember that the contract is not the same as that of a rental contract. Please note that a rental contract is month-to-month and short-term only. Well, you can consider copier rental Singapore if you want to rent the copier.


Understand your averages

Before you enter into a buy or lease agreement with someone, make sure you evaluate your average print. No doubt that determining your copy volumes will help you what you need. So, remember that you do not make the mistake of basing the leasing agreement on your three periods of volume.


Understand and read

There is no doubt that the contracts are full of copier terminology and are kind of complex documents. It can indeed be unfamiliar to the people who do not negotiate or often do not sign a lot of contracts. In fact, even if you do this, you are sure to face some problems because every contract is different. So, it is always better to clarify all of your doubts or queries before you sign the contract.


Do not overbuy

Envisage that you have decided to buy a particular car. But, when you go to buy that car, you see some other car with additional benefits. You forgot the latter and bought the other car, which burnt a hole in your pocket. Would it be wise? Not at all! Similarly, do not get carried away by other additional features on the copiers. Do not buy it, if you think you might need it. Overbuying will lead to overpaying. Also, there are different types of copier that you can use in the office. So, before you invest, think which one would be perfect for your office.

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Review the renewal clause

The contracts of the few companies have an automatic renewal clause. So, the thing you can do here is to find the contract and then add a reminder to your calendar. This will help you in reviewing the contract before the deadline for the renewal passes.

Ask questions

Lastly, if you have any doubt in the contract about anything, then make sure you ask each of your queries before you sign. Read it thoroughly and be sure that you understand it and then sign the contract. Also, you have to work with your copier lease provider so that you can rent or buy the right copier for your office.



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