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October 30, 2017

Three Reasons Why Paper Files Are Better than E-Documents

In the world of desktop computers, laptops, Kindle, Wattpad, and all kinds of digital tablets, a tight competition has been going on between print materials and advanced electronic documents. While both have their pros and cons, we, human beings always turn to what’s convenient to use; what’s readily available; and what most people are recommending. This natural tendency gives digital files their needed advantage over print materials.

This competition has reached the office setting where printed documents and electronic files are in a tough feat. With the advent of free office suites that can be downloaded in just a few minutes, will printed documents produced by our old copiers be phased out? Are we going to see completely paperless offices in ten years or less?

It is undeniable that the emergence of digital copies like e-books are highly patronized. In fact, in 2015, Pew Research recorded that 27% of Americans are reading e-books, while the number of those reading printed books continue to decline. In office settings, some employees also opt to have e-file management systems rather than documents in folders and file cabinets. Much has been said about paper reduction schemes in the offices, but today, we’ll present to you the benefits of our good old paper documents.


A Much Healthier Option

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While electronic documents store data and information through simple scanning and typing, without any ink and paper needed, this whole process poses health risks that physical documents don’t.

The most popular health concerns are carpal tunnel syndrome and computer vision syndrome. Both of these conditions result from constant inputting and accessing of electronic files. Employees in the office usually type and read documents in their computers for more or less eight hours a day. If we do these activities without resting our hands and eyes, health issues such as those mentioned come out.

The computer vision syndrome results from the stressful focusing and refocusing of the eyes when we read and view images from our computers. Our screens also have damaging flicker and glare which are entirely absent when we read our books or physical documents.


Allows Jotting Down of Notes

When we hold the papers in our hands as we prepare for a presentation or to simply examine their contents, it is easy to jot down notes. Whenever an idea comes to your mind, you can simply use the pen to write it down. When the time comes that you’ll need to review these notes, you can easily look at the paper.

This is not the same with electronic documents. If you want to put some notes on them, you still have to search for that specific document from your computer, which takes time, especially when you forget its file name. If the e-doc is stored in your office software, you can only put notes or comments if you were given the permission to do so. Some office documents stored in softwares cannot be edited or commented on, so you’ll have to type your comments in an entirely new document which you have to refer to during discussions. That’s quite inconvenient, right?


Easy Page-Flipping for Meetings

During office meetings, isn’t it better to just ask the attendees to flip to this or that page to understand your discussion? This is possible if the people you meet with have their physical copies of the document. But if you use electronic files, it will be hard for them to jump from one page to another to look for that specific item you are referring to. Instead of resorting to some expensive office suites that will make meetings more complicated, it’s better to just get copier rental Singapore services in order to produce physical copies that will make your discussions easy to follow.

Sometimes, in our desire to make our daily affairs more convenient, we place our health at risk instead. While there are things that require solutions, there are those that don’t really need fixing, but a little effort from our end. One such unnecessary fixing is turning your office into a completely paperless environment when papers and the right kind of copier will always be your best option.



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