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February 7, 2018

Why Refurbished Copier Rental Benefits your Business and Mother Earth

Too long a headline, isn’t it? But there’s no better way to introduce this very timely and substantial article that talks about a refurbished copier and all its benefits.

Truth be told, not everyone knows what a refurbished copier is. Even business owners surprisingly do not have an idea about this cost-efficient option so they always resort to buying brand new copiers that are obviously more expensive. Sure, a lot of questions are going on in your mind about a refurbished copier so let us discuss some details elaborately. Here’s everything you need to know about why a refurbished copier is a win-win solution.


What is a Refurbished Copier?

Just like a recycled paper, plastic container, or an empty ink cartridge, refurbished copiers are used copiers that were reconditioned or transformed into a reliable version of its original. A refurbished copier is one that used to be brand new, then subsequently purchased by a buyer, used for a period of time, then refurbished by experts so it can perform as efficiently as a brand new copier.


Can you Trust a Refurbished Copier?

We know you’re going to ask, “Isn’t it risky to go for this kind of copier?” Well, we’re not going to say that they are better than a brand new one, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. In fact, reliable copier rental companies provide regular maintenance and repair work to refurbished copiers that they sell or rent out. That is part of the package, knowing the unique nature of refurbished copiers and the understandable hesitance of customers to get them.

While weighing the risks vis-a-vis the benefits of a refurbished copier, consider other factors such as the cost, the reliability of the company, and reviews of their customers.


Why Would it Benefit your Business?

As we said earlier, a refurbished copier can do everything that a brand new copier can do. Refurbished copiers undergo a thorough quality check and control before they are sent out for reselling or rentals. Some refurbished copiers even come with a warranty for the customer’s peace of mind.

So how will it benefit your business? Refurbished copiers are way cheaper than the new ones and some copier companies you opt to rent them out, so you don’t need to pay a bulk amount at once. Rentals even come with free maintenance and repair services for added assurance on the customer’s part. Getting all the benefits you need from a copier at a lower price and with guaranteed maintenance services are the reasons why refurbished copiers are advantageous for your business.


Why Would it Benefit Mother Earth?

When companies choose to refurbish copiers, mother earth receives all the benefits that recycling gives her. Copiers are mostly made of plastics and when a unit is disposed, these plastics add up to the global waste.

What’s more, companies in the copier sales and rental industry will purchase new ones, increasing the demand for brand new copiers. When this happens, manufacturers will have to make a lot of copiers, using up the limited resources of mother earth through processes that cause harm to her too. The bad news is, when you decide to buy a brand new copier, you contribute to this chain that repeats itself over and over to our mother earth’s detriment.



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