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Why The Canon ImageRunner 2204N Can Be The Copier Your Office Needs

A proper workplace is filled with all sorts of equipment and gadgets to help accomplish a company’s goal. These tools work in unison to make things easier for every employee do their respective work. Without the benefits these electronic wonders bring to the table, the amount of time needed to finish a single task would be doubled. One particular piece of equipment found in every office space is a copier.


Basically, a copier is a machine that allows you to make duplicates of any document on paper. This feat is accomplished when the document is exposed to a specialized ray of light. The corresponding exposure is then captured on a different piece of paper. Thanks to this ability, you can make copies of a single document, depending on your needs.

When it comes to copiers, there are so many options available in the market. Among the choices out there is the Canon ImageRunner 2204N. Here are some reasons why you should check this copy machine out if you need one.


Working on a deadline will usually speed up everything you’re doing in the office. You also need the tools in your workplace to keep up with your demands. The Canon ImageRunner 2204N is no slouch when it comes to that specific department. This copier can churn out 20 to 22 A4 pages per minute. That rating slows down when producing A3 documents at around 10 to 11 PPM. This benefit will come in handy when you need to make a lot of copies during a little amount of time.

The Canon ImageRunner 2204N can also act as a scanner if you need to make digital files of your documents. It has a scanning speed of 20 to 22 impressions per minute. For a single document, that’s pretty fast. All you need is a capable workstation to receive the scanned files. Of course, you’re going to spend quite some time if you have a stack of documents that need to be scanned. The benefit here is that the Canon ImageRunner 2204N can get the job done in a swift manner.

Warm-up time is a different story from its copy speed. Canon ImageRunner 2204N needs around 13 seconds to fully function from the moment you turn it on. If you’re trying to beat a deadline, this warm-up time can be detrimental to your work. In addition, the recovery time of the Canon ImageRunner 2204N from sleep is 4.3 seconds. It’s best to turn this copier on the moment you arrive in the office or prep it up before a huge task to save you the trouble later in the day.



Every inch of a workplace is essential to the success of a company. That’s why it’s important to arrange every element of an office to maximize on space. The Canon ImageRunner 2204N’s dimensions of 622 x 589 x 502 mm make it an ideal choice for tight spots. You can place this copier on a corner and it won’t eat up too much space.

Carrying the ImageRunner 2204N is totally different from its dimensions. The copier’s weight ranges from 28.7 to 35.5 kilograms. It would take more than one person to carry this machine to its designated spot inside the office. You better wish your office building has an elevator so you won’t have to bring the Canon ImageRunner 2204N through countless stair steps. Having a dolly transport this copier will also be helpful.


Print Quality

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The quality of the documents you’ll get is one of the features you’ll consider in looking for a copier. The Canon ImageRunner 2204N can print a document with a maximum resolution of 600 x 600 DPI. This will give you an edge if you ever plan to print high resolution copies in the office. In addition, this copier can also create documents on A3, B4, A4R, B5, B5R, and A5R paper sizes.

The only downside here is this copier can also produce monochrome documents. If you’re planning to make copies of colored charts, photos, or infographics, you better look elsewhere. But if you’re going to handle word documents, like most offices do, then you’re going to be just fine with the Canon ImageRunner 2204N.


Toner Life

Some workplaces require lots of copies for a wide variety of reasons. The copier you’re going to get needs to maximize every drop of toner so nothing goes to waste. Fortunately, the Canon ImageRunner 2204N’s toner yield can produce 10,200 copies of paper. This feat can be achieved when you primarily use A4 paper with a six percent coverage on the sheet itself. Knowing you can make more than 8,000 copies isn’t that bad at all for any company.



The Canon ImageRunner 2204N isn’t just a simple copier. This device can also function as a printer and a scanner. All you need to do is hook up the copier to a computer. If you’re running Windows or OSX on your workstation, you can easily set up the Canon ImageRunner 2204N. At the same time, you can also connect this machine to a local network server to expand its function to every employee inside your office. With just one push of a button, anyone can have their documents printed, scanned, or copied effortlessly.


Additional details to remember

Having a copier in your office is definitely a big help to the company’s overall operations. But just like any other machine, the Canon ImageRunner 2204N needs to be regularly maintained. It’s best to set a schedule for a professional to check on your copier. In doing so, you will be extending the lifespan of this device.

It’s also helpful to have a supply of toner in your workplace. You’ll never know when this resource is going to run out. It’s better to be prepared when that happens to prevent any delay in your work.

Lastly, the copier isn’t a toy. The people in your office need to take care in their usage of this device to make your copier last. They shouldn’t lean on it or mash the buttons when they don’t know what to do. It’s also wise to inform these employees on the intricacies of the Canon ImageRunner 2204N and how to properly operate it.



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